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Safari extensions

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  • 1Password - 1Password is a phenomenal password manager, this extension just gives a seamless interaction of it with the browser.
  • AdGuard - Ad content blocker that uses Safari native content blocking API's.
  • AlienTube - Youtube comments are useless, this shows Reddit comments on videos that were submitted to Reddit.
  • BetterTTV - Enchances Twitch website by adding night mode + few more features.
  • DirectLinks - Makes indirect links on Google and Facebook direct.
  • GitHub Highlight Selected - Highlights selected word in GitHub source view like Sublime Text.
  • Hckr News - An interface change to hacker news focusing on content and reducing visual noise.
  • JS Blocker - Use user scripts to make websites work how you want them to.
  • Newsfeed Eradicator - Lets you use Facebook without being distracted by the newsfeed.
  • Nightlight - In the case where there is no Stylish theme available, you can turn on a permanenet night theme mode with this extension. It attempts to bring night theme mode to websites that don't natively support it.
  • NoMoreiTunes - Safari redirects you to iTunes every time you click on some iTunes link or an App Store App, this stops that.
  • Octotree - Gives a file tree view on the side of each repository that you visit that you can use to navigate over the codebase.
  • Pixave - Extension for Pixave app.
  • Recent Tab List - Keeps track of recently closed tabs and allows you to reopen them quickly.
  • Reddit Comments - Provides a small button in the top toolbar that when clicked will direct you to a reddit thread where the current page you are on was submitted to, if such page exists of course.
  • Reddit Enchancement Suite - A ton of amazing additions to the Reddit website.
  • Refined GitHub - Some small UI and usability improvements on the Github website.
  • Select - Allows you to select text inside links.
  • Sessions - Allows you to quickly save and retrieve sessions that you made. Very useful if you have many tabs open and don't want to quit them all but still want to start a new session to work from.
  • Shellfish - Removes all the annoying 'share this page' links and buttons from the Internet.
  • Stylish - Allows for local customisations of various websites. Here are some example night themes you can set up to use from it.
  • sVim - Adds a custom layer of keybinds you can customise to personalise your browsing experience. Here is an example of config you might make.
  • Tab Options - Adds a few tab-related options to the ones built into Safari.
  • Translate - Automatically translate entire webpages into your prefered language as you browse.
  • Turn Off the Lights for Safari - Turn Off the Lights extension highlight the video player content with one click on the gray lamp button.
  • Wikiwand - Wiki UI refinement (less noise and focus on content + night mode).


  • Scroblr - Allows you to scrobble songs you listen to from Youtube, Soundcloud to your account.



  • Social Fixer - Allows you to really clean up the clutter from the Facebook home page.

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