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ARK Core Module template showing Custom Transaction development approach with modular stack.
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Template: dApp Custom Transaction Implementation Skeleton


This is a basic template of ARK dApp development, by using our CustomTransaction Logic approach.

This Example is currently operational only on our core/develop branch!

This dApp enables a new transaction type on the ARK Core blockchain. New transaction types follows existing blockchain protocol.


Purpose: Enables registration of a new business identity on the Core blockchain (with custom fields like name and website).

TransactionType: BusinessRegistration Fields:

  • name: string
  • website: string | uri

Registered Transaction is fully compatible with existing API (api/transactions/)

dApp Installation

STEP 0: Create New Repository Based On This Template

STEP 1: Checkout Your New dApp Repository As a GitSubmodule in core/plugins

You should already have a running core and a local Testnet running. If not head over to

cd plugins/ #location for loading of custom non-core dApps
git submodule add -f
cd your-dapp-name

STEP 2: Load The dApp Module In The Corresponding Network Configurations.

Go to: core/packages/core/bin/testnet

cd packages/core/bin/config/testnet

Locate file plugins.js. We will add our plugin name to end of the list of the loaded plugins. This means that core will pickup the plugin/dapp and load it for a specific network configuration. Add line "@arkecosystem/custom-transactions": {}: to the end of the plugins.js file, so it looks something like this:

    "@arkecosystem/core-exchange-json-rpc": {
        enabled: process.env.CORE_EXCHANGE_JSON_RPC_ENABLED,
        host: process.env.CORE_EXCHANGE_JSON_RPC_HOST || "",
        port: process.env.CORE_EXCHANGE_JSON_RPC_PORT || 8080,
        allowRemote: false,
        whitelist: ["", "::ffff:"],
    "@arkecosystem/core-snapshots": {},
    "@arkecosystem/custom-transactions": {}, //our application hook (here we load the plugin/dapp)

IMPORTANT After you have changed the content of plugins.js you need to run yarn setup from the core root folder. This will pick up your newly registered plugin and build it.

STEP 3: Setup Development Docker Database

Setup docker database config and run Postgres DB via Docker. Follow the steps from here:

STEP 4: Start Local Testnet Blockchain

Start local blockchain with testnet running on your developer computer. Follow steps defined in here:

STEP 5: Send New Custom Transaction To The Local Node

Send your new transaction type payload to the local blockchain node with the following curl command:

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '      {
                                "version": 2,
                                "network": 23,
                                "typeGroup": 1001,
                                "type": 100,
                                "nonce": "3",
                                "fee": "5000000000",
                                "amount": "0",
                                        { "businessData": { "name": "google", "website": "" } },
                                 "b567325019edeef0ce5a1134af0b642a54ed2a8266a406e1a999f5d590eb5c3c" }

You should receive a response similar to this:

    "data": {
        "accept": ["b567325019edeef0ce5a1134af0b642a54ed2a8266a406e1a999f5d590eb5c3c"],
        "broadcast": ["b567325019edeef0ce5a1134af0b642a54ed2a8266a406e1a999f5d590eb5c3c"],
        "excess": [],
        "invalid": []

You can create more transaction payloads by looking at the __tests__ folder. In short it is as simple as:

const builder = new BusinessRegistrationBuilder();
        const actual = builder
            .sign("clay harbor enemy utility margin pretty hub comic piece aerobic umbrella acquire");


You are using the builder classes you already implemented as part of the plugin.

Use Block Explorer To View&Search Local Running Testnet

Click here to setup local blockchain explorer in a few simple steps:

Congrats, your dapp is loaded. Now look at the resources below to understand more about our dapp development.


MIT © ArkEcosystem

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