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This GitHub repo is the content for all the chapters to learn CF in a Week. This content is written in the markdown language. To understand the syntax for markdown one place to go is If you see any sort of corrections that you would like to update, you can do one of two things. One, GitHub gives you the ability to edit the file in the browser, and commit the change as a pull request for review by the content editors. Two, if you would like to do a git checkout of the content to your local machine, you can also do this. This will allow you to make any changes you see locally, and then commit them back into GitHub for review by the content editors. One tool to use to edit the markdown would be Visual Studio Code because it has a built-in markdown previewer.

V1 Hands-on

The V1 hands-on files are being provided as a courtesy while the hands-on sections are rewritten. The hands-on source is based on the previous version of the content so there are more than likely inconstancies.


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