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Privacy Policy



Brought to you by team 🐋


Health tips and information found in the user profile was taken from The Office of the Surgeon General.

This project is aimed at helping users to be more active. Walkmore will help a user plan a day trip. Walkmore helps its users create a walking path. The path a user take will ultimately get the user from point A to point B, but it will take the user by historic landmarks (of the user's choosing) that are along the way!

This project is written in Swift for iOS devices. For users with fitness accessories there is more functionality in terms of health tracking and workout benefits.


This project uses the following libraries:

  • MapBox for creating paths, and displaying locations
  • HealthKit for workouts and activity information
  • Foursquare for providing data about landmarks and other POIs (And more resources to come!)

A Project By

  • Michael Amundsen
  • Ryan Cohen
  • Sergey Nevzorov
  • Elli Scharlin
  • 🐋