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A collection of useful Browserify resources

I've been using, reading, and writing about the development tool Browserify for a while, and thought it would be useful to compile some of the most useful resources for learning more about the tool.

Introductions / the basics of Browserify

These articles give a great introduction to using Browserify.

Introduction to Browserify

The basics of writing modules for the browser using node.js core modules and modules from npm.

Browserify - Unix in the browser

A useful look at basic usage of Browserify.

Untangle Your JavaScript with Browserify

A straightforward introduction to browserify, including integration with Grunt and Gulp.

Sharing code between Node.js and the browser

A detailed introduction to Browserify and Grunt.js and how to leverage Browserify to write code that runs on Node.js and in the browser.

Using npm on the client side

A very thorough introduction to using npm, Browserify, and Grunt.js.

NPM Everywhere (Slides)

NPM Everywhere

Slides for introducing front-end people NPM, Browserify and their benefits.

Introduction to Browserify

Another great look at the basics of Browserify.

Node Packaged Modules, bringing npm modules to the web

A rundown of projects that have made developing with browserify more accessible and more interesting:,, and Browserify CDN.

Browserify and the Universal Module Definition

An awesome look at the possibilities for using Browserify to bundle modules written in AMD, CommonJS/node.js, UMD, ECMAscript 6, and global modules.

Standalone Browserify Builds

Particularly interesting for people using Browserify as part of the development workflow on a javascript library, check out this article for learning how to generate standalone Browserify builds.

Browserify v2 adds source maps

Learn about using source maps with Browserify in this article.

Usage of browserify

For examples of using browserify with various javascript libraries, check out these articles.

Using angular and grunt with browserify

Using angular.js with browserify is suprisingly straightforward as shown in this post.

Basics of making maps with leaflet.js and browserify

Leaflet.js is a great mapping library, and this tutorial shows how you can use it with browserify.

Backbone & jQuery meet Browserify: easy.

An introduction to using backbone and jquery with browserify.


A good rundown of using Grunt.js with Browserify.

Related tools

Browserify fits in well with other development tools. Check out some of the ones most commonly used with Browserify.


Beefy is a great tool for running a development server that will automatically reload the browser and serve a newly generated bundle.js file each time you save a project file.


A plugin for using browserify with grunt.


A plugin for using browserify with gulp.


Canvas-based game engine and toolchain optimized for rapid development. Chem uses browserify to compile your code. Check out some of the useful npm packages for games.

Comparisons to similar tools

Browserify is used primarily with npm. Both of those tools have similar counterparts like Bower and RequireJS. These articles help explain some of the differences.

Journey from RequireJS to Browserify

A thorough explanation of switching from RequireJS to Browserify.

2013: A client side package manager oddyssey

A series of posts exploring package managers for client side code. Includes npm/Browserify.

My strategy for client-side package managers (choosing between npm, bower, and component)

Exploring the differences between npm, bower, and component.

Browserify vs. Component

A comparison of Browserify and Component.


Browserify documentation/github repository

Read the Browserify docs! Also check out the issues.

node.js modules documentation

To write modules for the browser using Browserify, you'll use the node.js module system, and it's a good idea to check out the code node.js module documentation.

Packages tagged with browserify on npm

Check out the modules tagged with browserify on npm.

Browserify on StackOverflow

Check out the questions being asked about Browserify on StackOverflow.


Browserify V2 and you

Creator of Browserify James Halliday (@substack) gives a rundown of the changes that came through in version 2 of the project.

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