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Specify blog post accessors

Once again, rather than fixing the acceptance error directly, we drop down to the model test level to reproduce the error. We specify that we want a `title` field--as well as a `body` field, since we know we'll need that and it feels safe to go ahead and add it. The behavior we want is that we want those fields to be `nil` for a new model instance.

Inner red: undefined method `title' for #<BlogPost id: nil>

With this specification, we've reproduced the error from the acceptance test.
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CodingItWrong committed Jun 14, 2016
1 parent 0301d01 commit ebca7c3cebe62a3d225ef8aee012cfc2f294400b
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  1. +7 −0 spec/models/blog_post_spec.rb
@@ -6,4 +6,11 @@
expect{ blog_post = }.not_to raise_error
it "defaults fields to nil" do
blog_post =
expect(blog_post.title).to be_nil
expect(blog_post.body).to be_nil

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