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# Note you must have enabled using the picamera module already!
# Add this part of the code at the beginning of the python code
import picamera # this imports the PiCamera library
from datetime import datetime # Use this line if you want to timestamp your pic
# This creates an instance of the camera
camera = picamera.PiCamera()
# This takes a picture with the filename in quotes
# If you will be taking more than 1 pic, create a timestamp on your filename.
# Use a function to create a new timestamp for each picture
def takepicture():
dt = # This grabs current time
dtime = dt[0:4]+dt[5:7]+dt[8:10]+dt[11:13]+dt[14:16]+dt[17:19] # This formarts the time to add to filename
camera.capture("%d.jpg" % int(dtime))
takepicture() # Takes a pic using the function