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#!/usr/bin/env python3
General wrapper to help create tasks.
import random
import copy
from import Dataset
from import collate
import learn2learn as l2l
class DataDescription(object):
Simple class to describe the data and its transforms in a task description.
* **index** (int) - The index of the sample in the dataset.
def __init__(self, index):
self.index = index
self.transforms = []
class TaskDataset(Dataset):
Creates a set of tasks from a given Dataset.
In addition to the Dataset, TaskDataset accepts a list of task transformations (`task_transforms`)
which define the kind of tasks sampled from the dataset.
The tasks are lazily sampled upon indexing (or calling the `.sample()` method), and their
descriptions cached for later use.
If `num_tasks` is -1, the TaskDataset will not cache task descriptions and instead continuously resample
new ones.
In this case, the length of the TaskDataset is set to 1.
For more information on tasks and task descriptions, please refer to the
documentation of task transforms.
* **dataset** (Dataset) - Dataset of data to compute tasks.
* **task_transforms** (list, *optional*, default=None) - List of task transformations.
* **num_tasks** (int, *optional*, default=-1) - Number of tasks to generate.
dataset =
transforms = [, n=5),, k=1),,
taskset = TaskDataset(dataset, transforms, num_tasks=20000)
for task in taskset:
X, y = task
def __init__(self, dataset, task_transforms=None, num_tasks=-1, task_collate=None):
if not isinstance(dataset,
dataset =
if task_transforms is None:
task_transforms = []
if task_collate is None:
task_collate = collate.default_collate
if num_tasks < -1 or num_tasks == 0:
raise ValueError('num_tasks needs to be -1 (infinity) or positive.')
self.dataset = dataset
self.num_tasks = num_tasks
self.task_transforms = task_transforms
self.sampled_descriptions = {} # Maps indices to tasks' description dict
self.dataset_description = [DataDescription(i) for i in range(len(dataset))]
self.task_collate = task_collate
self._task_id = 0
def sample_task_description(self):
# Samples a new task description.
description = copy.deepcopy(self.dataset_description)
if callable(self.task_transforms):
return self.task_transforms(description)
for transform in self.task_transforms:
description = transform(description)
return description
def get_task(self, task_description):
#  Given a task description, creates the corresponding batch of data.
all_data = []
for data_description in task_description:
data = data_description.index
for transform in data_description.transforms:
data = transform(data)
return self.task_collate(all_data)
def sample(self):
Randomly samples a task from the TaskDataset.
X, y = taskset.sample()
i = random.randint(0, len(self) - 1)
return self[i]
def __len__(self):
if self.num_tasks == -1:
# Ok to return 1, since __iter__ will run forever
# and __getitem__ will always resample.
return 1
return self.num_tasks
def __getitem__(self, i):
if self.num_tasks == -1:
return self.get_task(self.sample_task_description())
if i not in self.sampled_descriptions:
self.sampled_descriptions[i] = self.sample_task_description()
task_description = self.sampled_descriptions[i]
return self.get_task(task_description)
def __iter__(self):
self._task_id = 0
return self
def __next__(self):
if self.num_tasks == -1:
return self.get_task(self.sample_task_description())
if self._task_id < self.num_tasks:
task = self[self._task_id]
self._task_id += 1
return task
raise StopIteration
def __add__(self, other):
msg = 'Adding datasets not yet supported for TaskDatasets.'
raise NotImplementedError(msg)
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