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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import torch
class ReshapedTransform(torch.nn.Module):
Helper class to reshape gradients before they are fed to a Module and
reshape back the update returned by the Module.
def __init__(self, transform, shape):
super(ReshapedTransform, self).__init__()
self.transform = transform
self.in_shape = shape
def forward(self, grad):
"""docstring for __forward__"""
out_shape = grad.shape
update = grad.view(self.in_shape)
update = self.transform(update)
update = update.view(out_shape)
return update
class ModuleTransform(object):
The ModuleTransform creates a an optimization transform based on any nn.Module.
ModuleTransform automatically instanciates a module from its class, based on a given parameter.
The input and output shapes are of the module are set to `(1, param.numel())`.
When optimizing large layers, this type of transform can quickly run out of memory.
See `KroneckerTransform` for a scalable alternative.
* **module_cls** (callable) - A callable that instantiates the module used to transform gradients.
classifier = torch.nn.Linear(784, 10, bias=False)
linear_transform = ModuleTransform(torch.nn.Linear)
linear_update = linear_transform(classifier.weight) # maps gradients to updates, both of shape (1, 7840)
loss(classifier(X), y).backward()
update = linear_update(classifier.weight.grad), update) # Not a differentiable update. See l2l.optim.DifferentiableSGD.
def __init__(self, module_cls):
self.module_cls = module_cls
def __call__(self, parameter):
numel = parameter.numel()
flat_shape = (1, numel)
transform = self.module_cls(numel, numel)
return ReshapedTransform(