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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import torch
from learn2learn.utils import update_module
class DifferentiableSGD(torch.nn.Module):
A callable object that applies a list of updates to the parameters of a torch.nn.Module in a differentiable manner.
For each parameter \(p\) and corresponding gradient \(g\), calling an instance of this class results in updating parameters:
p \gets p - \alpha g,
where \(\alpha\) is the learning rate.
Note: The module is updated in-place.
* **lr** (float) - The learning rate used to update the model.
sgd = DifferentiableSGD(0.1)
gradients = torch.autograd.grad(
sgd(model, gradients) # model is updated in-place
def __init__(self, lr):
super(DifferentiableSGD, self).__init__() = lr
def forward(self, module, gradients=None):
* **module** (Module) - The module to update.
* **gradients** (list, *optional*, default=None) - A list of gradients for each parameter
of the module. If None, will use the gradients in .grad attributes.
if gradients is None:
gradients = [p.grad for p in module.parameters()]
updates = [None if g is None else g.mul(
for g in gradients]
update_module(module, updates)