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Python 3 resources, unless otherwise noted

Check out Basic concepts and features tutorial and Getting Started from Python official website

#️⃣ Table of Contents

Courses - online text/pdf tutorials

Quick Guides

Courses - online video/interactive tutorials


Docs and Cheat-Sheets

Tips and Tricks

In-depth analysis/tutorial of single concept

Handy tools

  • Visualize code execution - also has example codes and ability to share sessions
  • CodeSkulptor - runs Python programs in your browser, including GUI and has many demos
  • Thonny - Python IDE for beginners, lots of handy features like viewing variables, debugger, step through, highlight syntax errors, name completion, etc

Further Reading

Other Python resource lists

Practice/Coding Challenge

Coding Problems/Projects with solution

Development Environment


Read instructions provided by respective forums before asking a question. Try solving it yourself before asking - searching online, manual, ask a colleague, etc.

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