Guide for Chapter Leaders

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Who is a Chapter Leader?

A Chapter Leader (CL) is a member of the group who is nominated to guide the rest of the group through a given chapter.

I'm not a Haskell Expert. Can I still be Chapter Leader?

Definitely! The main goal of this group is to learn Haskell. It's fine to have questions or not understand sections of the chapter allotted to you. Where needed you can contact the organisers or other members of the group for clarifications. Alternatively bring your questions to the group for discussion.

What are my responsibilities as Chapter Leader?

Your key responsibilities are:

  1. A decent understanding of the chapter. (Research, notes, code, exercises, questions etc.)
  2. Guiding the group through the chapter content. (Facilitating discussion)


As CL, in order to facilitate discussion of your chapter contents, you'll want to research your allotted chapter in more detail than other members of the group. E.g. You could expand on the topics covered in your chapter from one or more other sources such as

Try collecting a few code snippets and examples. This can include your own experiments and/or questions you might have seen from other sources.

Don't be too concerned about filling the entire meeting if you feel the material covered in the chapter is too brief... But feel free to include some references to Haskell-related videocasts, podcasts, frameworks etc that you may have researched during your travels. Contact the organisers to bounce ideas on how to best use the time.


  1. Write down some notes as you read through the chapter. Feel free to augment the content from other sources.
  2. If you have any questions or don't understand a section in the chapter write it down and we'll discuss it in the group.
  3. Come prepared to talk through your notes with the group using either handouts or a laptop to talk through your notes.
  4. Upload your notes to the Chapter's page on GitHub wiki. The organisers are happy to help if needed.
  5. It might be a good idea to bring in printed copies of the notes for you to hand out to the group.


  1. Come up with 3 or more exercises for the group so that they can solidify their understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Come up with the answers to the questions as it will be discussed in the group.

Some sources for exercises:

The organisers will help you come up with the questions and answers should you have trouble.


Here's an example on how to facilitate discussion within the group. Feel free to use whatever system works for you. :)

  1. Cover the basics of the chapter in a high-level overview at the start - not detailed at this stage.
  2. Go around the group asking "What was the biggest eye-opener and/or what questions did you write down?" We'll be jumping all around the chapter with this approach but that's okay as everyone's already read it.
  3. Keep track of what gets covered by the conversation and then, once everyone's had a chance to talk, cover off the rest - by talking through it or by asking "what did you guys think of ...?". Elicit further conversation during the round-table if it warrants it.
  4. Cover the exercises one at a time, picking someone at random to write their solution (or just asking "who wants to write this one up?") and facilitate discussion of alternatives.
  5. Introduce the CL for next chapter.


You will need to give the group an overview of your chapter at the meetup prior to the one where you are to be CL. This can be a simple 2 minute outline of the chapter and an introduction to some exercises if you've had a chance to read your chapter in detail.