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Session 5 Readings

  • The Trap: Part 1: Fuck You Buddy - overview and a bit of history on game theory, the political context in which it developed (maybe we can watch this together or find ways to share copies)
  • Prison breakthrough — Intro to game theory/prisoner's dilemma (Denis)
  • Behavioural studies of strategic thinking in games - "This paper by Camerer is a great overview of behavioral game theory. He invented the term and in the paper discusses a game called the Beauty Contest." (Melanie)
  • Does Culture Matter in Economic Behavior? Ultimatum Game Bargaining Among the Machiguenga of the Peruvian Amazon - "a famous short paper from the American Economic Review by an anthropologist. It's about how fairness is enculturated and discusses the Ultimatum Game" (via Melanie)

Some classic game theory games:

Games to play:

  • So Long Sucker
  • Nomic
  • Durak?
  • any others?

I'll bring cards and stuff! — Francis

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