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The KnowBrain (KB) is a self-hosting dropbox like knowledge repository. It's using the REST-API for

  • storing (upload, create),
  • sharing,
  • (re)structuring hierarchical collections
  • searching,
  • discussing and tagging digital artifacts of the Social Semantic Server (SSS).

Important: You need a SSS installation for using the KnowBrain:

##How to Get the Source Code

You can check out the code, as follows:

$git clone

##Installation Follow these 3 small steps:

  1. Deploy the KnowBrain source into an ordinary webserver e.g apache (htdocs)

  2. Edit the REST-API script links in the KB index.html file:

  • social server globals
  • social server connector wrappers
  • social server connectors
  • social server entities
  1. now you should be able to reach the SSS and login to the KB (open index.html in a modern web-browser)

Please note: This is an early Version. It's functions have only been tested in Google Chrome browser.