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Learning Spring Boot

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This code has been updated using the latest stable version of Spring Boot 1.3.

This is a standing repo of the code for Learning Spring Boot. While the book explains how to use the gradle wrapper, the code here already has the gradle wrapper set up. That means that for gradle-based apps, you can immediately run them assuming you have Java installed on your box.

Some bits of the code have had significant improvement, such as chapter 3’s usage of JMS APIs added to Spring Framework 4.1. Also, I have updated all the code to now use @SpringBootApplication instead of @EnableAutoConfiguration, etc. So, some bits of the book are obsolete in their explanations. But in total, the code is robust and the concepts still solid.
No have Java? I suggest you download and install Java 8 Development Kit (JDK). The book is based on using Java 8 to build and run everything.

While not evident when you read the book, each chapter has a progressive approach regarding code. At various phases through each chapter, new features are added. To snapshot that, I create a separate app (using numbering) in the relevant chapter. To see the final version of the app, simply jump to the last app.

If you are looking for the details explaining each app, please order a copy of the book.

It may sound presumptuous, but I have high confidence in the fidelity of the code. I developed each version of each chapter’s app inside my IDE and ran it repeatedly. Since I wrote the entire book using Asciidoctor, I simply imported the source code directly into the manuscript. The risk at hand is not importing some aspect of the app.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, share and enjoy!


The code in this project is licensed Apache License v2.0.


Please read the related CONTRIBUTING document if you are interested in making contributions.