A website to help manage the logistics of large, short-term educational programs
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willgearty and benjaminjkraft Add dates to volunteer offers (#2586)
Volunteer requests are now separated by date on /volunteering. I changed the displayed time in the first column so that it wasn't redundant with the new headers. While I was at it, I fixed up some of the admin page displays so that they now include the dates of the events.

Fixes #2465.
Latest commit 9147b79 Jun 24, 2018


ESP Website

A website to help manage the logistics of large short-term educational programs

This website was written by the MIT Educational Studies Program to support Splash and other educational programs. It is now supported by Learning Unlimited with support from administrators of the MIT Educational Studies Program and other Splash programs across the country.

Documentation for program administrators and developers is in the docs directory, including dev setup documentation and instructions for contributors. Additional documentation for chapters of Learning Unlimited is on the LU Wiki.