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Alex Proudfoot edited this page Jan 11, 2020 · 12 revisions

Welcome to the Learning ZIL wiki!

This is where I'll be archiving, updating and extending information from my blog about producing Interactive Fiction in ZIL. A niche topic, to be sure, but also one which interests an increasing number of people. The intention is to convert the ZIL source files into Z-machine games using the ZILF toolset by Jesse McGrew. The games can then be played using one of the many Z-machine interpreters currently available. The ZILF toolset is under development with a good number of issues yet to be resolved. This introduces a potential for some interesting challenges which I'll cover in more detail as they arise.

I'll be publishing ZIL code examples on Learning ZIL. Feel free to download and build them as an introduction to using ZILF. Although my ZIL projects will be produced under Windows 10, the ZILF toolset can also be used under Linux and MacOS. However, installation issues may vary between platforms.

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