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CentOS 6.5 Environment


This repository contains the source template for the CentOS 6.5 image used in the O'Reilly Learning Chef book. The image is published on VagrantCloud.

To use the training VM, install Vagrant and configure with your favorite virtualization software (like VirtualBox). Spin up the training environment with the following commands:

vagrant box add learningchef/centos65
mkdir chef
cd chef
vagrant init learningchef/centos65
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Building the training environment

To build all the training environments, you will need both VirtualBox and VMware Fusion installed.

A GNU Make Makefile drives the process via the following targets:

make        # Build all the box types (VirtualBox & VMware)
make test   # Run tests against all the boxes
make list   # Print out individual targets
make clean  # Clean up build detritus

The tests are written in Serverspec and require the vagrant-serverspec plugin to be installed with:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-serverspec

The Makefile has individual targets for each box type with the prefix test-* should you wish to run tests individually for each box.

Similarly there are targets with the prefix ssh-* for registering a newly-built box with vagrant and for logging in using just one command to do exploratory testing. For example, to do exploratory testing on the VirtualBox training environmnet, run the following command:

make ssh-box/virtualbox/centos65

Upon logout make ssh-* will automatically de-register the box as well.


Virtual machine template for CentOS 6.5 used in the "Learning Chef" book




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