KA Lite: lightweight web server for serving core Khan Academy content (videos and exercises) without needing internet connectivity
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KA Lite

by Learning Equality

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Khan Academy's core mission is to "provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere", and as 70% of the world's population is without access to the internet, primarily in the developing world, providing an alternative delivery mechanism for Khan Academy content is key to fulfilling this mission.

KA Lite is a lightweight Django web app for serving core Khan Academy content (videos and exercises) from a local server, with points and progress-tracking, without needing internet connectivity.

Primary use cases include:

  • For servers/computer labs located in remote schools, which could be slowly syncing with a central server over a cell/satellite network or via USB keys.
  • In correctional facilities and other environments where providing educational materials is of value, but users cannot be given general internet access.
  • Mobile school "vans", which transport a server and multiple laptops/tablets between a number of schools (or orphanages, community centers, etc) in remote communities on a rotating basis, and syncing up with a central database (to download new content and upload analytics) when in an area with internet connectivity.

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License information

The KA Lite sourcecode itself is open-source MIT licensed, and the other included software and content is licensed as described in the LICENSE file. Please note that KA Lite is not officially affiliated with, nor maintained by, Khan Academy, but rather makes use of Khan Academy's open API and Creative Commons content, which may only be used for non-commercial purposes.