Getting started

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Firstly, thank you for your interest in contributing to KA Lite! The project was founded by volunteers dedicated to helping make educational materials more accessible to those in need, and every contribution makes a difference. The instructions below should get you up and running with the code in no time!

Setting up KA Lite for development


Which branch should I work on?

The develop branch is reserved for active development. It's very unstable and may not be usable at any given point in time -- if you encounter an issue running it, please check with the development team to see if it's a known issue before reporting it.

When we get close to releasing a new stable version of KA Lite, we generally fork the develop branch into a new branch (like 0.16.x). If you're working on an issue tagged for example with the 0.16.0 milestone, then you should target changes to the 0.16.x branch. Changes to such branches will later be pulled into develop again. If you're not sure which branch to target, ask the dev team!

Putting some sample user data into KA Lite

To generate sample Learner and Facility data to help you test KA Lite features, run the generaterealdata management command from the command line:

./bin/kalite manage generaterealdata

Getting your changes back into KA Lite

See the guide for opening pull requests.

Next steps

  • Once you've toyed around with things, check out our [style & structure guide](Coding guidelines and conventions) to understand more about the conventions we use.
  • Now that you're up to speed on conventions, you're probably itching to make some contributions! Head over to the GitHub issues page and take a look at the current project priorities. Try filtering by milestone. If you find a bug in your testing, please [submit your own issue](Report Bugs by Creating Issues)!
  • Once you've identified an issue and you're ready to start hacking on a solution, read through our instructions for [submitting pull requests](Submitting pull requests) so that you know you can cover all your bases when submitting your fix! You might wanna look at [some common Git commands](Helpful Git Commands) to get you up and running.
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