Internationalization: Contributing Translations

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Thanks for volunteering your time to help translate KA Lite!

As of release 0.11.1 on March 13, 2014, KA Lite supports internationalization! (Read more...)

We release a "language pack" for a language once a sufficient portion of the content (videos and user interface) have been translated, and in order to reach those thresholds we need your help!

There are two aspects to translation of KA Lite:

  • Translating the KA content itself (dubbing videos, subtitling, and translating titles/descriptions). This is done through Khan Academy. Only videos that are included on official Khan Academy YouTube language channels, and mapped to their English counterparts in Khan Academy's API, will be included in KA Lite.
  • Translating the KA Lite interface text. For user interface translations, we use a website called CrowdIn. In order to contribute translations, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for the KA Lite Volunteer Translation Group.
  2. Create an account on CrowdIn, our online translations portal.
  3. Start contributing translations on CrowdIn! You will want to focus on the files for the version you're targeting -- for instance, to translate the strings for KA Lite 0.14, you should focus on translating strings in 0.14-django.po and 0.14-djangojs.po.

Finished all of the KA Lite content?

Head on over to Khan Academy's CrowdIn and contribute translations to the following files and strings. Note that these are the Khan Academy Topics, Exercises, and Video data--so your translations will be used by KA Lite and potentially Khan Academy too! Not all files and strings are used in KA Lite. So please focus your translation efforts on files and strings that we use, which we've listed below:

Find files in all directories, starting with "learn", and ending in "-exercises", "-videos", or without any ending at all.


  • _high_priority_content/learn.math.arithmetic.po
  • _high_priority_content/learn.math.arithmetic-exercises.po
  • _high_priority_content/learn.math.arithmetic-videos.po


  • learn.economics-finance-domain.macroeconomics.po
  • learn.economics-finance-domain.macroeconomics-exercises.po
  • learn.economics-finance-domain.macroeconomics-videos.po

Have some questions?

Join the translations Google Group or email it at