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Following the jumpstart labs rails tutorial. This is a project in the Odin Project curriculum.
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Odin Web Development 101 - Ruby on Rails Micro Blog

In order to begin to familiarize myself with backend web development, I completed the Jumpstart Labs Blog tutorial.

Getting Started

You can either:

  • download and install the application on your computer


  • view the application on heroku.

If viewing on heroku, skip the prerequisites and installation sections.


You will need ruby version 2.5.1 or later and rails 5.2.2 or later to boot up the blog on your machine.


  • Clone the repo to your machine
  • run rails server on your command line interface
  • visit http://localhost:3000/ after booting up the server to view the blog

Authoring Articles

In order to create articles on the blog, you will have to 'sign up' and create a new log in.

  • click the sign up link on the left of the articles page
  • create your login. You will be returned to the articles page after doing so.
  • click the log in link on the left of the articles page
  • supply the correct log in info
  • navigate back to the articles page by visiting http://localhost:3000/articles
  • click the create new article button at the top right of the articles page to write a new article
  • you can add tags to the article before creation
  • you can add images to the article before creation

Commenting on articles

You must be logged in to comment on an article.

  • log in
  • click on an article you would like to comment on
  • fill in fields 'Your name' and 'Your Comment' and click submit

You should now see your comment appear beneath an article!

Searching articles by tag

Visit http://localhost:3000/tags to view existing tags.

  • click on a tag to view articles with that tag
  • click on a tagged article to be directed to the article


I decided to move on from the project before implementing a navigation bar, so some navigation is done via urls.


Unfortunately, I have not implemented privileges on the site, so you will notice any user can delete an article, tag, or other author. This project was meant to be an introduction to MVC architecture and rails so I decided it was more important to keep pushing through the curriculum than to implement these features.


Brian Monaccio

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