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Version 0.0.1 (Alpha) - This library is heavily under development and testing phase.

Official website:

A JS library to create, generate, modify, identify, verify and trim stuff.


Include all.js file and you are ready to use its APIs.

<script type="text/javascript" src="all.js"></script>

API's Planned:



  • To generate a alpha numeric string of length and input specified in arguments. length is the size or number of characters in a string. Whereas input can be u (Uppercase), l(Lowercase), n(Numbers), s(Symbols). You can use any combination to generate a string. For example, if you want to use Uppercase, symbols and numbers together to form a string with a length of 8. To implement this use case, all.grandom(8, "usn"); // output: "S"VV7:/X".

all.grandom(length, input);

Example: all.grandom(5, "u");

=> "PZSQL"

Similarly, you can generate only numbers or any combination for that matter.

all.grandom(8, "n");

=> "02469105"

Real use case scenario for this grandom is to generate password for a user.

  • To generate a integer based on range or generate a number below the specified number in arguments.

all.gint(min, max);

Example: all.gint(4999, 5012);

=> 5010

By default, min = 0 If the number of arguments passed for gint is 1. So, the range would be between 0 to max.


Example: all.gint(50);

=> 37



This function is to identify whether a certain variable or the value is either string, boolean, number or an object.


Example : all.identify(new String("a")); Returns "object"

Similarly, all.identify("a"); Returns "string", all.identify(123); Returns "number" and all.identify(true); Returns "boolean".




Thanks for considering to contribute.


MIT 2016