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This is the uncertainties Python package, which performs transparent calculations with uncertainties (aka "error propagation"):

>>> from uncertainties import ufloat
>>> from uncertainties.umath import *  # sin(), etc.
>>> x = ufloat(1, 0.1)  # x = 1+/-0.1
>>> print 2*x
>>> sin(2*x)  # In a Python shell, "print" is optional

This package also automatically calculates derivatives of arbitrary functions:

>>> (2*x+1000).derivatives[x]

The main documentation is available at

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Other branches might be present in the GitHub repository, but they are typically temporary and represent work in progress that does not necessarily run properly yet.


This package and its documentation are released under the Revised BSD License.

Voluntary donations

If you find this open-source software useful (e.g. in saving you time or helping you produce something valuable), please consider donating $10 or more to help contribute to the maintenance of the package.