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Mathematical operations that generalize many operations from the
standard math module so that they also work on numbers with
from umath import sin
# Manipulation of numbers with uncertainties:
x = uncertainties.ufloat(3, 0.1)
print sin(x) # prints 0.141120008...+/-0.098999...
# The umath functions also work on regular Python floats:
print sin(3) # prints 0.141120008... This is a Python float.
Importing all the functions from this module into the global namespace
is possible. This is encouraged when using a Python shell as a
calculator. Example:
import uncertainties
from uncertainties.umath import * # Imports tan(), etc.
x = uncertainties.ufloat(3, 0.1)
print tan(x) # tan() is the uncertainties.umath.tan function
The numbers with uncertainties handled by this module are objects from
the uncertainties module, from either the Variable or the
AffineScalarFunc class.
(c) 2009-2016 by Eric O. LEBIGOT (EOL) <eric.lebigot@normalesup.org>.
Please send feature requests, bug reports, or feedback to this address.
This software is released under a dual license. (1) The BSD license.
(2) Any other license, as long as it is obtained from the original
from .umath_core import *
from .umath_core import __all__ # For a correct help(umath)