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1 parent caa4f2c commit a0593bc3d6595ba5f330e1550e5fd3b5cd7a7969 @lebigot committed
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7 uncertainties/unumpy/
@@ -94,12 +94,11 @@ def _derivatives_close(x, y):
# x and y must depend on the same variables:
- if len(set(x.derivatives).symmetric_difference(y.derivatives)):
+ if set(x.derivatives) != set(y.derivatives):
return False # Not the same variables
- return all( _numbers_close(x.derivatives[var],
- y.derivatives[var])
- for var in x.derivatives)
+ return all(_numbers_close(x.derivatives[var], y.derivatives[var])
+ for var in x.derivatives)
def test_inverse():
"Tests of the matrix inverse"

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