Concepts behind my garage door opener
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Raspberry Pi, Firebase, firebase-queues, Angular presentation

Concepts behind my garage door opener


TODO(lmeneses): Eventually integrate a webcam to identify open or close.

This repo doesn't provide middleware for security or firebase-bolt for generating the rtdb rules file.

From you main desktop/laptop:

  1. Download raspbian with desktop image (img)
  2. Download & install Etcher
  3. Run Etcher to burn img onto sd card

On Raspberry Pi after booting:

  1. Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration
  set Locale  to  en, usa, utf-8
  set keyboard to usa, english
  SSH * Enable   # Most important so you can login remotely
  Change hostname: garagelargedoor   # Give a name to make it easy to identify on your network

  1. Change password of pi user:
passwd      # Default is raspberry

sudo reboot
  1. Connect to wifi

From you main desktop/laptop:

  1. transfer files:

from linux client: scp -r ./* pi@garagelargedoor:/home/pi/apps/garagedoor

from windows client winscp and drag and drop the files into /home/pi/apps/garagedoor

  1. configure pi with ssh

from linux client: ssh pi@garagelargedoor

from windows client: (use putty) Login as: pi password: whatever you set in passwd setup #5.

setup node:

curl -o- | bash

sudo reboot

nvm ls-remote
nvm install node
nvm install v6.12.2

set current shell

nvm use v6.12.2

set default node version

nvm alias default v6.12.2

node -v

extend the life of my sd card

sudo swapoff --all
sudo apt-get remove dphys-swapfile

sudo -s
vi /etc/fstab

tmpfs   /tmp    tmpfs    defaults,noatime,nosuid,size=100m    0 0
tmpfs   /var/log    tmpfs    defaults,noatime,nosuid,mode=0755,size=100m    0 0

mount -a

exit   # to leave sudo -s

pm2 onboot or application crashes restart

npm install -g pm2
pm2 startup # copy the command and paste in terminal
pm2 startup systemd -u pi

cd /home/pi/apps/garagedoor
npm install

pm2 start app.js --watch
pm2 save

sudo reboot

pm2 list