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Dero Racers! Blockchain based racing game for Dero.
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Dero Racers

Dero Racers is a Blockchain based game written for the Dero Stargate competition! The game involves buying and selling cars for (testnet) Dero, and racing for points and a hallowed position on the game leaderboard!

Before playing the game, please read the following sections further down the page for important information:

  • Quick Start
  • Playing the Game
  • Rules



The game is designed to run on a 64 bit Windows or Linux PC, but it should also run on Mac (you will need to build from source, see below).

All testing was done on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.04.


Quick Start

To run the game:

  • The Dero Stargate daemon and wallet must be running and fully synched, with RPC ports open. The wallet must be unlocked and have minimum 50 testnet Dero available, preferably >200 as whenever a wallet transaction is made, part of the balance is locked for a short period, then released again.

  • Download the binaries for your platform (either Windows 64 or Linux 64). Or build from source / run from Godot (see below).

  • Extract the archive to an empty folder.

  • Double click on the executable file (Windows) or binary file (Linux).

  • The game should run!

Note: Instructions are provided at the end of this readme for running the daemon and wallet, as well as a link to a copy of the Dero Stargate blockchain database file to enable much faster synching for first time users.

Playing the Game

Important note 1: After pressing any of the game buttons, if the debug message box comes up with 'Please try again' followed by an error message, keep trying every few seconds until it says 'Transaction sent to wallet'. This type of error is usually due to the daemon refusing the transaction due to a RCT error and is nothing to worry about (nothing to do with Dero Racers).

Important note 2: As this is a blockchain based game, the player must wait one or two blocks before any actions take effect. For example, if you enter a car in a race, wait one or two blocks before trying to start the race. Watch for messages on one of the following message boxes in the game GUI, then press the Update button to refresh the Leaderboard, Car Yard, Open Races, and My Garage:

  • Game Status Messages - This message box (green text) in the bottom left corner of the screen right underneath the Join Game and Change Name buttons will display game messages generated by the smart contract after most actions, including creating a new race, entering a race, buying a car, when somebody has bought one of your cars, or if you have won a race.

  • GUI debug and error message box - This message box is underneath the Game Status Message box. It displays messages confirming what the GUI is doing, for example updating the game data from the smart contract, sending a transaction to the wallet, whether a wallet transaction has failed (Note 1), or if the daemon or wallet are not running.

  • Smart Contract Error Messages - This message box displays game errors generated by the smart contract. For example if you have tried to buy two cars within 50 blocks (see Rules), or if you have tried to enter the same car twice in one race. It will also display a message if an action has failed because of too many calls to the smart contract (e.g. multiple players entering a race at the same time - this is only a problem with the Dero testnet, and will hopefully be fixed by the Dero developers when smart contracts are implemented on the main network).

To join the game for the first time:

  • Enter a player name and press Join Game!

  • The debug message box should say 'Transaction sent to wallet'.

  • Within a minute (depending on block time), the Player fields should come up and the debug box should display a message confirming you have joined the game! If after a few minutes and several blocks have passed this doesn't happen, just try again. It is likely due to too many calls to the contract by other players.

  • Press the 'Update Car Yard, Open races, My Garage' button. This should populate the game GUI.

The next time the game is run, just press the Start button! No need to join again.

To play the game:

Buy a Car:

  • First buy a car from the Car Yard! Select a car and press buy. The Price in Dero will be sent from your wallet. Note that there is a limit on how often a player can buy a car. This is set at one car every 50 blocks on the release of the game (the contract owner can change this any time). So choose carefully!

  • Wait until the game status message confirms the purchase, or check the Smart Contract error message box for messages (for example, you have tried to buy two cars within 50 blocks).

  • Press the Update button again. The car should display in My Garage!

Enter a Race:

  • Select a race you want to enter.

  • Select a car from My Garage.

  • Press Enter Race! The cost of entering a race is 0.01 testnet Dero.

Start a Race:

  • Races can be started by anyone when the blockchain height passes the race start block. Select a race, and press Start Race! Remember, if you have just entered a car in the race, wait a block or two until this is confirmed in the Game Status Message box.

New Race:

  • Enter a starting block height in the future. The height must be no more than 3600 higher than the current block height.

  • Press Create Race! The cost of creating a race is 0.01 testnet Dero.

  • The contract owner can limit the number of races a player can start to 1 at a time (the first race must finish before a new race can be created). This is not set right now, but can be changed any time by the contract owner.

  • A maximum of 50 open races can exist at once.

Sell a Car:

  • If you want to put a car up for sale, select the car from My Garage.

  • Enter an Asking Price. This must be a whole integer number between 1 and 999.

  • Press Sell Car!

  • Another player can then buy the car.

  • If you want to take a car off the market, select the car for sale in My Garage, and press Cancel Sale.


The game has the following rules:

  • When new cars are 'minted' by the contract owner (for example when the game was released) there is a purchase limit of one car every 50 blocks for each player. So you must wait 50 blocks before buying another car. When all minted cars have sold, this limit will be lifted by the contrct owner so players can buy and sell cars as often as they want.

  • You cannot enter the same car more than once in a race. But you can enter multiple different cars in a race.

  • If a race is started with only one car entered, then there is no winner, and no points are awarded.

  • Once you buy a car, it belongs to you. Nobody, including the contract owner, can take your car away from you, unless you choose to sell it.

  • When creating a new race, the start block must be no more than 3600 blocks in the future (approximately 12 hours).

  • Races do not start automatically. They can be started by any player, provided the blockchain height is higher than the race start block.

Important Notes and Limitations

The game was put together in a rushed timeframe over about 3 weeks in the evenings and weekends, to meet the competition entry deadline. It has the following limitations (and probably others I have not thought of right now):

  • The game runs with a fixed screen resolution of 1600 x 900, which can't be adjusted. Older monitors may not display the game properly. The only fix is go and buy a new monitor! As the game is developed going forward, it will be re-written to work with multiple resolutions the same as most other apps.

  • Error catching is not 100% as I ran out of time to do a full review before release. Most common errors with daemon / wallet responses (including daemon / wallet not running) should be handled, however there is a chance that the game will crash when any errors occur that have not come up while testing the game. Please report any errors here on Github, or alternatively DM me in the Dero Discord channel where I can be found (thedudelebowski#1775).

  • The source code for the Godot app is very untidy and could be greatly simplified in some areas. I ran out of time to do this before the competition closed. So for any forkers, please consider that it is not a great base to build a different app.

  • The game was originally intended to let players gamble money on each race (the race starter could select the entry fee, and the winner takes all). An issue was found with the Dero Stargate DVM very late in the development which makes this impossible to implement reliably without causing serious issues with the game. So the game was quickly changed to let players win points only.

Building from Source

The app was written using Godot, an amazing piece of 100% free and open source indie game development software. All development was done in Godot 3.06 Mono version. It has not been tested with Godot 3.1, but I will do this some time soon.

For those who want to run from source but don't want to go to the trouble of building binaries, you can simply download the source code and import as a Godot project. The game can then be run by pressing the Play button in the Godot editor! It is as simple as that.

To build / export binaries, you need to follow the instructions in the Godot documentation. It is not difficult, but beyond the scope of this readme.

Running the Dero Stargate Daemon and Wallet

Get the Dero Stargate binaries here:

To run the daemon in Linux:

./derod-linux-amd64 --testnet

To run the wallet in Linux:

./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --rpc-server --wallet-file testnetwallet.db --testnet

To run the daemon in Windows:

derod-windows-amd64 --testnet

To run the wallet in Windows:

dero-wallet-cli-windows-amd64 --rpc-server --wallet-file testnetwallet.db --testnet


It can take many days to sync the blockchain from scratch, even on the testnet. For faster synching, download a copy of the testnet blockchain database file using the link below, and copy into the Testnet subdirectory, overwriting the existing derod_database.db file.

Dero Stargate Blockchain 30 April 2019 - block/topo height 507416/572899

Contact Details

I plan to update the game and release on the Dero main network, when smart contracts become live.

My contact details are:

Finally, if you found this useful, any Dero donations are most welcome! dERoSME4c5GNUvPo27NsRFeJPR1FKiYt87g8Gknbm6JU9eL3xRPDs6JijHuVNxVzyFZXg1wxjbh52Hu9gUfWd3Lx5QRNTXvJWZ

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