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LecceTech Community Join the chat at

We will be having links related to our meetups/events here in the meetups folder in this repo

LecceTech Community is a non-profit and free-for-all tech community dedicated to promote technology, organise series of open-source tech events/meetups that teach software skills and help people learn the latest Technologies. We are based in Lecce, Italy. We help people of all skill levels–from beginners to experts–discover what's possible.

The aim is to introduce LecceTech Community, have a meetup to network with professionals. Teach & learn and ultimately be-a-part. So; Bring yourself, your laptop, and the desire to learn and network at our next meetup!

Want to attend?

Keep your self up to date with our Facebook page for event updates.

Want to volunteer or help organize?

If you are interested in volunteering, please make a Pull Request to add yourself to this list. Make sure to put some bio and links of your past work in the PR!


If you've come to a few LecceTech Community events, we encourage you to be a volunteer! 🎉

Code of Conduct