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Hello World starter frapppliance for the second generation AppleTV
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I will get into the credits and history of this project later, for now I'm going to give pertinent background information to help use this project successfully. (suffice it to say a lot of people put work into the initial version of this plugin being made and published several months ago DHowett, bholland, tomcool420 etc.. ill update this later with a more full list)

Im not going to update this preface any further except to say this latest version solely has changes to the run scripts to remove the need to build deb packages in theos, that being said, without theos, none of this would have ever been possible! Extra big thanks to Dustin again!

One last note before we get into it, the is identical to the on the target "Run Script" build phase, i just added it to a separate file so it could be easier to parse (maybe opening in Xcode or TextMate, we all need our context highlighting!

Pre requisites: 

Intel Mac With 10.6+
Xcode 3.2.x or Xcode 4
macports (for .deb building)
iPhone 4.2+ SDK
fauxsu (for maintaining proper ownership in the packages)

Basic understanding of Obj-C won't hurt either!!


There is now only one script running after the build is completed, certain things have to be taken care of before this will run smoothly.

1. need fauxsu installed ( git clone )

( you should be able to figure out how to build and install that on your own )

2. need macports installed

(grab the proper dmg from below and install if you dont have it)

after macports is installed

1. install dpkg

  sudo port install dpkg
2. install gnutar

  sudo port install gnutar

3. symlink gnutar to tar

  sudo ln −s /opt/local/bin/gnutar /opt/local/bin/tar

4. if you dont have your key added to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the target AppleTV run the included ./ script and entire "alpine" when it prompts for a password.

5. once this is all taken care of, you can build directly through xcode straight through the deb creation installation, and AppleTV reload all in one fluid step.

Additional Notes:

The advantage of building through Xcode is the generation of dYSM files (aid's in using atos to symbolicate crash logs for your own appliances properly)
in addition to easy static analysis to help isolate memory leaks/issues.

theos violation: 

this is going to be cleared up, technically we dont really /need/ theos anymore in this project, but for now we're still linking to includes from in there requisite for building so its not going anywhere ;-P

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