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Library for the Lectrobox Arduino PC Joystick Shield for 15-pin PC joysticks

This is the Arduino library for the Lectrobox PC Joystick Shield. More information can be found at

The shield lets you attach any old-style PC joystick with a 15-pin game port interface to your Arduino. (USB joysticks are not supported.)

The X and Y movement of the stick are returned in steps from -100 (fully up or left) to +100 (fully down or right). Your sketch can also detect button-pushes for up to two joystick buttons.

The shield has jumpers that allow configuration which of the Arduino's analog and digital input pins are used. The X and Y axes can use your choice of analog inputs A0, A1, A2 and A3; the buttons can use digital inputs 6, 7, 8, or 9. This flexibility ensures maximum compatibility by letting you avoid pin conflicts if your sketch is using other Arduino pins. Jumpers can be left off completely if the functions are not needed.

The library requires four values when initialized, for example:

PCJoy myJoy(A0, A1, 6, 7);

These four values indicate which analog (X, Y) and digital (button 1, button 2) pins are in use and should match the values configured with the physical jumpers on the shield.

The Joystick Shield comes with Arduino Stacking Headers, making it easy to combine with other shields to build more complex sketches. You can stack two of the Joystick Shields on top of each other and use two separate joysticks from your sketch by setting the digital and analog inputs of the two shields to non-conflicting values.

The shield also comes with a prototyping area consisting of a 15x8 matrix of 0.1" spaced holes, useful if your project needs space for other discrete components.

A joystick with a 15-pin game port interface is required, and not included with the shield. (USB Joysticks are not supported.) If you don't have a game-port joystick in your junk drawer, many are available at low cost from your local thrift store, PC recycling shop, and auction web sites such as EBay.


Library for the Lectrobox Arduino PC Joystick Shield for 15-pin PC joysticks







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