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ledbettj commented Jan 4, 2013
  • Release Ruby VM Lock while libcurl is doing it's thing
  • Add Curly::Multi interface which takes advantage of the libcurl multi API to run multiple transfers simultaneously.
  • Move code into Ruby that doesn't need to be in C.
John Ledbetter and others added some commits Jan 2, 2013
John Ledbetter release global vm lock while waiting for curl_perform to finish. 0ca66e4
John Ledbetter store headers. 7f5e02b
John Ledbetter move magic constants to #defines. 592650b
John Ledbetter move non-ruby C code out into it's own files. 375c593
@ledbettj add file for multi. 2f94092
@ledbettj start stubbing out multi api. d8e8088
@ledbettj move logic to instance methods (initialize and run). convience method…
…s just create a new instance and invoke run.
John Ledbetter Merge pull request #1 from ledbettj/unblock
Not quite ready for master, but needs some of the changes in multi.
John Ledbetter move straight ruby code back out into ruby. 6bb0e57
John Ledbetter move response out of C into ruby. 28c4b53
John Ledbetter pull options out of opts hash when constructing request. 3518b80
John Ledbetter move more request logic out into ruby. a90ea66
John Ledbetter remove unused SELF parameter. 30d883d
John Ledbetter add accessors, sort things alphabetically in case of OCD. 6f58c8c
John Ledbetter Merge pull request #2 from ledbettj/rb-ize
Ruby-ize code that doesn't need to be in C.
John Ledbetter actually start working on the multi code again. 7aea03d
John Ledbetter major refactor looking towards implementing curl_multi functionality. c200645
John Ledbetter pull curl handle setopts out of run. 0395b04
John Ledbetter first stab at actual multi implementation (currently still holds vm l…
John Ledbetter spec cleanups. d4963f5
@ledbettj ledbettj merged commit b79fce6 into master Jan 4, 2013
@ledbettj ledbettj deleted the multi branch Jan 4, 2013
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