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Local Bin


Local Bin (lb) is a simple tool for managing per-user installed software in an organized and sane manner. Inspired by Brew, it keeps each piece of software separate, and makes removing and managing different versions of software easy. lb came about as a result of frustration managing several different versions of wine required for several different windows applications running under Linux. Now using a different version is as easy as:

user@host:~$ lb list wine
1.3.21 (selected)

user@host:~$ lb use wine 1.3.21
- winecfg
- wineserver
- wine
+ winecfg
+ wineserver
+ wine

user@host:~ wine --version


  • Setup

    By default, lb assumes you want to install your software in $HOME/Local. It will automatically create this directory with the following layout: Local Bin Programs You should add $HOME/Local/Bin to your PATH environmental variable in order to use software installed by lb.

  • Installing Programs

    lb doesn't manage the actual installation; this is up to you. You should install software into the directory $HOME/Local/Programs/<program-name>/<version>, using whatever method that program provides, e.g. ./configure --prefix=$HOME/Local/Programs/wine/1.3.31 if building wine from source. lb list will show you what programs lb currently has installed.

  • Managing versions

    lb list <program-name> will show you the available versions for a program, including which version is currently selected (if any). To change which version is being used, issue lb use <program-name> <version>.

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