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Visual Studio color schemes based on
Latest commit a39794d Jan 22, 2016 @leddt Minor update to README
The location of the "Raw" button changed on github, so the README was changed to reflect this.


To download:

Either clone the repository and use the vssettings files on your computer, or:

1. On github, find the vssettings file that you want to use, and left click on it to open it.
2. Find the "Raw" button in the top right toolbar.
3. Right-click it and choose "Save link as" and save the file to a known location

To install:

1. Open Visual Studio
2. Tools -> Import and Export Settings...
3. Select "Import selected environment settings"
4. Backup if desired.
5. Click "Browse".
6. Select the vssettings file you downloaded.
7. Click "Next".
8. Done.
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