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Selection Colour and Comments #5

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When selecting text the selection colour makes any comments unreadable, not a major issue, but I think it doesn't look right when you're selecting text.

An example


Note that the behavior of text selection colors is a little different in VS2010 and VS2005/8.

In VS2005/8 you select a foreground and background color which is used for all selected text. In VS2010, you can't specify a foreground selected color -- it's retained from the foreground color of whatever text is selected. The background color seems to be blended with the background color of the selected text. (From here)

Here's what selected text looks like when I set the background color to #ff0000. The actual RGB values of the background are #661a21 (102/26/33), according to Photoshop. #ff0000 selection on a #ffffff (white) background results in an actual color of #ff9999. I'm guessing that's a 60% transparency, but don't quote me on that.


Could it not be possible to use the same style of XML comments with normal comments, so it has a similar background color on the comment like


The problem is that when vs2010 blends the selection background color (base02) with the default background color (base3) it results in a color that is very close to the comment foreground color (base1). This means we have to do one of two things:

  1. Never use the base1/base3 combination for anything selectable, (base01/base03 for Dark) because doing so will make it invisible. Changing the comment background color to base2 to match XML Doc Comments would fall under this.
  2. Use something else for the selection color. Maybe blue?

Blue looks a lot better!

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