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Hm, thanks for your work, but I don't like the idea of testing gem features in the application. The gem already includes some tests, so there is no need to test it in the application again.

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The idea is not to test the Gem, but to overcome the bug of not created/assumed read marks.
When you create factories with dependent model, that acts_as_unread, the read marks are not created if gap between created_at times is less than 0.002sec (if i'm not mistaken).

This fix helps to figure this out and make your test pass every time you run it.


Do you agree?

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Hint: You should add a database index on `messages.created_at`.
+## Testing
+### Rspec
+In your tests you will need unread_macros.rb file to fake wait a second after creating an instance, that acts_as_unread:
+module UnreadMacros
+ def wait
+ # Skip one second
+ now = + 1.second
+ Time.stubs(:now).returns(now)
+ end
+Place it in your spec/support directory and modify spec_helper.rb file:
+RSpec.configure do |config|
+ ...
+ config.include UnreadMacros
## Similar tools
There are two other gems/plugins doing a similar job:
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