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What is ? is a free and open-source service to exchange small files with cURL.

Never upload confidential files, they are not protected from eavesdropping

Usage :

  • To upload a file : curl -T /home/myfile or curl -File=@/home/myfile

  • To upload multiple files : curl -T {/home/myfile, file2} or curl -File=@/home/myfile -File1=@myfile

  • To upload a stream : curl | curl -T -

  • To protect access to your file with HTTP basic authentication : curl -u user:password -T /home/myfile (better use HTTPS for safety) returns a (list of) URLs. To get a shorter URL, send the X-SHORT: yes HTTP header : curl -H "X-SHORT: yes" -T /home/myfile Shorter URLs are cleaned after 30 days.

To download, just curl -o myfile or paste the returned URL in your browser. Add the ?attach parameter to download as an attachment.

Dependencies depends on :

  • Flask
  • uwsgi
  • python-magic
  • sqlite3

Limitations needs a webserver (Nginx/Apache) to handle Chunked Transfer Encoding (used when content is piped)

Credits : is an alternative to under the free software ISC licence. You can freely install it on your own server. Fork me at

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