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  1. ledger ledger Public

    Double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface

    C++ 5.1k 482

  2. ledger-mode ledger-mode Public

    Emacs Lisp files for interacting with the C++Ledger accounting system

    Emacs Lisp 360 72

  3. vim-ledger vim-ledger Public

    Vim plugin for Ledger

    Vim Script 357 55

  4. cl-ledger cl-ledger Public

    Port of the Ledger accounting system (see project "ledger") to Common Lisp

    Common Lisp 92 24

  5. ledger4 ledger4 Public

    A rewrite of Ledger's core mathematical concepts in Haskell

    Haskell 44 6

  6. utfcpp utfcpp Public

    UTF-8 with C++ in a Portable Way

    C++ 36 16


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