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Emacs Lisp files for interacting with the C++Ledger accounting system
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ledger-fonts.el Silence the byte compiler (#130) Aug 26, 2018
ledger-mode.el Switch to font-lock-default-fontify-region Jul 28, 2018
ledger-occur.el Respect `ledger-occur-use-face-shown' when using `leger-occur' Mar 17, 2019
ledger-post.el Fix account-recognizing regular expressions (#124) Aug 19, 2018
ledger-reconcile.el Use --real when reconciling accounts Mar 1, 2019
ledger-state.el Lexical bindings (#78) Jan 26, 2018
ledger-test.el Eliminate most other uses of declare-function Jun 11, 2017

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This Emacs library provides a major mode for editing files in the format used by the ledger command-line accounting system.

It also provides automated support for some ledger workflows, such as reconciling transactions, or running certain reports.


If you choose not to use one of the convenient packages in MELPA or MELPA Stable, you'll need to add the directory containing ledger-mode.el to your load-path, and then (require 'ledger-mode).

Getting started

ledger-mode will automatically associate itself with .ledger files when installed as a package. ledger-mode includes documentation in info format, accessible through Emacs with C-h i. The info chapter includes a quick demo as well as more extensive documentation.

Related packages

In-buffer checking of formatting and balancing of transactions is available built-in for Emacs version 26 and later using flymake-mode. For flycheck users (and users of Emacs 25 and earlier), flycheck-ledger is available.

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