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Add note regarding $account under --strict or --pedantic modes

This change adds a warning in the documentation for users using
automated transactions with `--strict` or `--pedantic`, as ledger
will throw an error when `$account` is not defined explicitly
(see #545).
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elamperti authored and tbm committed Nov 15, 2019
1 parent 2ca3d69 commit 96eb5fe19fcbe46ca5fb9cf06c9460e226b5dcd7
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  1. +6 −0 doc/ledger3.texi
@@ -3889,6 +3889,12 @@ Becomes:
Assets:Cash $-20.00
@end smallexample

Keep in mind that if you are using @option{--strict} or @option{--pedantic} you will have to explicitly define an account @samp{$account} to avoid errors.

@smallexample @c input:validate
account $account
@end smallexample

@node Applying metadata to every matched posting, Applying metadata to the generated posting, Referring to the matching posting's account, Automated Transactions
@subsection Applying metadata to every matched posting

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