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jwiegley committed Jul 5, 2019
1 parent 9ad0dcc commit bb78c6e059a191814dcea1a31f97d40208248b97
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@@ -894,16 +894,7 @@ void subtotal_posts::operator()(post_t& post)
account_t * acct = post.reported_account();

#if 0
// jww (2012-04-06): The problem with doing this early is that
// fn_display_amount will recalculate this again. For example, if you
// use --invert, it will invert both here and in the display amount,
// effectively negating it.
bind_scope_t bound_scope(*amount_expr.get_context(), post);
value_t amount(amount_expr.calc(bound_scope));
value_t amount(post.amount);

post.xdata().compound_value = amount;

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