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Branch and bug policies

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Branch policies

maint Contains bug fixes on the last release version, and is the branch releases are made from. Immediately prior to a new release, master is merged here.
master Contains commits toward the next release, each of which must pass tools/proof. This test takes several hours to run.
next Contains commits toward the next merge into master. Each commit must pass make check, which takes only a few minutes to run. This is enforced by a pre-commit hook.
test An ephemeral branch that comes into existence to share provisional commits with testers. It is afterwards deleted.
t/topic These are quick moving topic branches which are kept locally. If they succeed, they are merged into next.

Bug priorities

P1 Intended for the next push of ‘next’
P2 Intended for the next push of ‘master’
P3 Intended for the next point release, e.g. 3.0.x
P4 Intended for the next minor release, e.g. 3.×.0
P5 Intended for the next major release, e.g. x.0.0