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Build instructions for MSYS2 MinGW32.

Bazza-Carter edited this page Jul 14, 2022 · 4 revisions

The build process on MSYS2 is a lot easier than manually installing Boost and using Visual Studio, in my opinion. However, the source was not set up to build properly in this environment. When running make in a standard MSYS2/MinGW32 environment, WIN32 is not set, but _WIN32 and (maybe) __WIN32__ are. Checking these along with the unqualified version catches all the varieties of Windows builds.

t_value's header was not set up to properly import the strptime replacement on Windows, so it is added.

The process for building on MSYS is similar to the method for Visual Studio documented in the Wiki. All the work is done from inside the 32-bit MinGW shell. The basic development pipeline, CMake, and Boost all need to be installed (from inside MSYS and for the MinGW32 environment).

Run cmake -G "MSYS Makefiles" to create build files.

Edit system.hh, replacing all the blank #defines in the application configuration section with #define VARNAME 0.

Set HAVE_ISATTY in system.hh to 0 as well; It's wrong.

Run make.

After building, ledger.exe should work fine from inside the MSYS shell, but outside it needs dynamic access to some DLLs. Tracking down exactly which ones is nasty; I used Dependency Walker for it. Note that if you have Git for Windows installed on your PATH, libstdc++ will seem like it exists, but as the wrong architecture. Put the 32 bit libstdc++ in the EXE's directory.

In my case, the necessary DLLs were: