Entering transactions with ledgerhelpers GUI apps

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ledgerhelpers are small single-purpose programs to help you enter transactions much more quickly than typing them using a text editor.

  • Enter simple purchases and other two-line items with buy.
  • Enter multiline transactions with addtrans.
  • Update your price quotes with updateprices.
  • Record multi-currency ATM withdrawals with withdraw-cli.
  • Record FIFO stock or commodity sales with sellstock-cli.
  • Interactively clear transactions with cleartrans-cli.
  • Keep your ledger chronologically sorted with sottrans-cli.

All the ledgerhelpers have been designed with fast data entry in mind, and they will remember or evoke existing data as needed, to help you minimize typing and mental drudgery. They all have launcher icons in your desktop environment -- this makes it very easy to add icons or shortcuts for them, so you can run them on the spot.