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Reporting Examples

Some simple examples to show how to use Ledger to generate useful reports for personal use. Intended as a useful quick-reference for users new to Ledger.

--period "April" balance ^Exp
Show account balance for April.

--period "April" balance -r ^Assets:Checking and @Amazon show ^Expenses
Show an account balance report for April:

  • -r: including accounts related (-r) to...
  • ^Assets:Checking and @Amazon: postings involving money from the Assets:Checking account to the payee 'Amazon'
  • show ^Expenses: only showing accounts that start with ^Expenses.

reg --meta=foo
Show the value of the tag 'foo' next to the posting in a register report.

reg --prepend-format='%(note)
Prepend the value of the postings' note to the posting in a register report.

Ledger Usage Examples and Sample Data Files

If you have developed data files with interesting usage patters, or metadata, please consider posting an example (after obscuring important personal information) so that other *ledger users can learn from them. These examples will be tested in all sorts of scenarios; reports, web-display, alternative editors, data-extraction tools. Knowing this, please make your examples as well-formed (complying to ledger-format) as possible, and as large as you dare. Thanks for participating in *ledger development.

djp Chart of Accounts; all the accounts listed in a single transaction