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This page is deprecated since the release of version 3.0 and remains here for historical purposes

The next major version is getting very close, which will be 3.0.0.

Open Issues

As of 2010-06-15, the following issues stand in the way of release:

Priority Count Meaning
P1 0 Issues that are being worked on presently.
P2 7 Issues soon to be fixed in master.
P3 18 Issues that will be fixed before releasing 3.0.0.

Other Issues

Besides these, the other areas which require completion are as follows:

  1. Rewrite the user manual
  2. Write the new manual page
  3. Translate text strings to other languages
  4. Create regression tests for all past bugs
  5. Create baseline tests for all features

Test Coverage

The test coverage report is updated each time a new version is uploaded.