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TextMate 2 is an open-source text editor for OS X. Pre-built binaries are available at

A TextMate bundle for Ledger 3 is available at See the wiki page for installation instructions.

Basic Usage

The bundle provides a couple of tab triggers (see to speed up the process of entering data. To enter a new transaction, position the cursor at the beginning of a line, type t then press Tab. To enter a new posting, type p then press Tab. After expansion, you may press Tab or Shift-Tab to move between the fields.

To enter a transaction similar to one that you have already written, type some text, select it and press Cmd-Ctrl-E. The text will be magically replaced by a prototype transaction “matching” the text (this is just a front-end for the ledger entry command).

TextMate has also support for auto-completion, which can be activated by pressing the Esc key.

The bundle also provides commands to generate several useful reports, customizable through a dialog. For more information, please visit the Ledger.tmbundle wiki.