ledger IRC channel

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#ledger on irc.freenode.net is the official chat channel for Ledger, hledger, and possibly other ledger clones.

You can access it with an IRC client, or through the web via qwebirc: #ledger.

In 2014/5, #ledger is experiencing repeated spam incidents (along with many other channels). Tips:


Don't engage with spambots or stimulate spammers.

Ignore a spammer's (current) nick: /ignore SPAMNICK

Get a spammer's (current) ip address: /whois SPAMNICK

Ignore everyone from a specific ip address: /ignore *!*@*IPADDR

List #ledger operators who might be able to help: /msg ChanServ access #ledger list

List Freenode staff who might be able to help: /stats p

Private message to an operator or staff member: /privmsg nick MSG...

Join the #freenode channel to ask for help (may or may not do much good): /join #freenode


Take/drop your operator powers, if you have them: /msg ChanServ [de]op #ledger MYNICK

Ban and/or auto-kick a spammer (one or more of these should work):

  • /mode #ledger +b NICK
  • /mode #ledger +b *!*@HOST (/whois NICK to see the hostname)
  • /msg ChanServ flags #ledger NICK +b or
  • /msg ChanServ flags #ledger *!*@*.DOMAIN +b
  • /msg ChanServ akick #ledger add NICK | spam

Update the channel topic: /msg ChanServ topic[append] #ledger MSG...


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