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-*- fundamental -*-
Changelog for 1.7 Series
Changelog for 1.6 Series
Released 2018-06-10
Changelog for 1.6.4
* Fix GL Save Template gives error (Nick P, #3754)
* Fix error adding reverse payment to batch (Nick P, #3761)
* Fix wrong search screen after reversing receipt (Nick P, #3763)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.6.3
* Fix for menu System > Templates fails to execute SQL script (Erik H, #3588)
* Fix for GL journal buttons displaying in random order (Erik H, #3680)
* Fix for 'contact_all' role missing 'contact_vendor' rights (Erik H)
* Fix 1.6.1 regression browser failure to cache menu structure (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.6.2
* Print button (to screen) doesn't work more than once (Erik H, #3705)
* Menu links ignore clicks long after first click (Erik H, #3704)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.6.1
* Menu fails to show sometimes (Erik H, #3684)
* Error when managing user permissions through HR screen (Erik H, #3686)
* Reconciliation reports sometimes can't be submitted (Nick P)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.6.0
User Interface
* Reports and search results exportable to XLS(X) (Yves L)
* Left menu replaced by a (faster) Dojo-based version (Yves L/Erik H)
Installation & Administration
* Added 'System Information' page to for problem diagnosis (Erik H)
* Numerous improvements for the migrations and infrastructure (Yves L/Erik H)
* Better detection of incorrect @INC paths (David G)
* Automatic date format selection using browser locale (Yves L/Erik H)
* No more warnings from database creation and upgrade (Erik H)
* Improved logging: various logs correlated using unique request IDs (Erik H)
* Functions 'warn()' and 'die()' logged to debug logs (Erik H)
* Removed need for 'tempdir' and associated configuration option (Nick P)
* Removed numerous unused configuration options (Nick P)
* Specific output formats can be disabled in configuration (Yves L)
* Respect smtpuser and smtppass configuration options (Nick P)
* Add smtpport configuration option (Nick P)
* Database upgrades now ask for user input on (expected) faulty data (Erik H)
* PSGI responses no longer written to file but kept in memory (Erik H/Yves L)
Rewritten inventory tracking and adjustments
* Removed the need for the ill-understood 'Inventory Entity' (Erik H)
* Inventory adjustments GL transactions instead of dummy invoices (Erik H)
* SQL & in-browser(BDD) tests (Erik H)
Code cleanup
* Removed code duplication in
- Template handling framework (Yves L)
* Remove unused variables and unreachable code (Nick P)
* Remove fragments of REST framework never fully implemented (Erik H)
* Authentication handling centralized in request dispatch code (Erik H)
* Cleaned up handling of uploaded files in request handling (Erik H)
* Moved to Plack::Request (from CGI::Simple & LedgerSMB) (Erik H)
* Template format plugin cleanup and refactoring (Erik H/Nick P)
* Template handling code cleanup (Erik H/Nick P)
* Unreferenced UI templates deleted (Erik H)
* Centralized and more robust entry point for code in old/ (Erik H)
* Merge of SQL-Ledger 2.8 and 3.0 migration code; improved consistency (Yves L)
* Improved cleanup of temp files and dirs after use (Erik H)
* Improved HTML structure (balanced closing/opening tags, etc) (Yves L)
* Factored HTTP response responsibility out of LedgerSMB::Template (Erik H)
* Moved request pre- and post-processing into custom Plack Middlewares (Erik H)
Quality assurance
* Port testing of database routines to pgTAP (and Perl's 'prove') (Yves L)
* Enforce numerous Perl::Critic policies with code cleanup (Nick P/Rob R)
* Add tests for all template output formats (Nick P)
* Constrain password_duration setting to valid values (Nick P)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Nick P is Nick Prater
Rob R is Rob Ransbottom
David G is David Godfrey
Changelog for 1.5 Series
Released 2016-12-24
Changelog for 1.5.21
* Clarify message after changing password through Preferences (Nick P)
* Fix errors in ODS report tepmlate's title page (Nick P)
* Fix #3642: Taxform report generation failing (Erik H)
* Detect BOM to determine UTF-8 CSV imports (Erik H)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.20
* Fix inability to save custom sequences (System > Sequence) (Erik H, #3511)
* Fix error when downloading balance sheet as PDF (Erik H, #3515)
* Fix empty backup file due to PGObject::Util::DBAdmin 0.120 (Erik H, #3531)
* Norwegian (nb) translation update (Havard S)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.5.19
* Fix payment screen localized amount formatting problem (Erik H, #3283)
* Separate error and output 'psql' logs during database upgrade (Nick P)
* Fix random order of PNL and B/S reports columns (Erik H, #2244)
* Various fixes to regarding backup file generation (Nick P)
* Use File::Path to create directory instead of through shell call-out (Nick P)
* On TAB-exit of accounts/parts selector, select first item (Erik H)
* Estonian translation update (Margus L)
* German translation update (Mikael A)
* Hungarian translation update (Istvan P)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
Istvan P is is Istvan Pongracz
Margus L is Margus Lepmets
Mikael A is Mikael Arhelger
Changelog for 1.5.18
* Fix menu-resizing minimum threshold overlapping main content (Erik H, #3421)
* Persist selected menu-width across sessions/page reloads (Erik H)
* Fix customer pricelist Quantity field not saved for new rows (Erik H)
* Fix quantity discounts not working on orders/quotations (Erik H, #3439)
* Customer pricelist changes can be saved without adding new rows (Erik H)
* Field 'PO Number' on purchase documents renamed to 'SO Number' (Erik H, #3276)
* (Running) 'Balance' column of 'Search & GL' report incorrect (Erik H)
* German translation update (Mikael A)
* Estonian translation update (Margus L)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Margus L is Margus Lepmets
Mikael A is Mikael Arhelger
Changelog for 1.5.17
* Fix inability to add taxforms (Erik H, #3431)
* Add loading of SIC and GIFI on company creation to (Erik H, #3442)
* Fix double counted 'paid' amount on some printed invoices (Erik H, #3440)
* Fix failure to include 'Price Updated' column on goods search (Erik H, #3333)
* Fix payment account on invoice to retain value on update (Erik H, #3455)
* Fix linebreaks, '<' and '>' showing as HTML code on invoice (Erik H, #3457)
* Estonian translation update (Margus L)
* German translation update (Mikael A)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Margus L is Margus Lepmets
Mikael A is Mikael Arhelger
Changelog for 1.5.16
* Properly compute the last cleared balance on reconciliation (Yves L, #3405)
* Fix regression reports not showing (PDF, etc) download links (Erik H, #3408)
* Fix typo in SQL Ledger upgrade code (Erik H, #3409)
* Add French Chart of Accounts (Yves L)
* Lift requirement to enter sensitive private data when creating users (Erik H)
* Fix absolute [New] link on order, AR and AP pages (Erik H)
* Support non-root hosting by using relative '/' to '' redirect (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Changelog for 1.5.15
* Generate access logs on standard output by default (Erik H)
* Fix cli scripts; block running as root in PSGI instead of Sysconfig (Erik H)
* Remove our moving out of SourceForge notice from the welcome page (Erik H)
* Fix zero-value depreciations from blocking later depreciations (Chris T)
* Be explicit about which Perl::Critic policies to apply in tests (Nick P)
* Check for file errors when blacklist test (Nick P)
* Make checks work (out of the box) with our Docker dev images (Nick P)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.5.14
* Post (instead of save) transaction on depreciation approval (Erik H)
* Fix role prefix set on copied databases from (Erik H, #3219)
* Fix argument names due to move to PGObject::Util::DBAdmin (Erik H)
* Fix posting of vendor invoice fails with vendor-price in parts (Erik H, #3081)
* Fix example Apache config file's SSLRequireSSL directive (Erik H, #3272)
* Fix invoice shows fewer $decimalplaces than configured (Erik H, #3271)
* Fix upgrade code using db transactions incorrectly (Erik H, #3289)
* Improve 'in progress' feedback by fading submitted content (Erik H, #3283)
* Add visual feedback to form input validation in (Erik H)
* Implement checks for correct loading of sql/modules/ files (Erik H)
* Correct Roles.sql and PriceMatrix.sql loading errors (Erik H)
* Fix 'uninitialized variable' warnings on database creation (Erik H, #3266)
* Find part number on invoice/order by substring; was prefix (Erik H, #3266)
* Find part description on invoice/order by substring; was 'full text' (Erik H)
* Change part search on invoice/order to be case insensitive (Erik H, #3266)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.13
* Fix showing [_1] instead of the LedgerSMB version (Erik H)
* Fix contacts with attachments being inaccessible (Erik H, #3228)
* Fix AR/AP Aging report failing to be generated (Erik H, #3243)
* Upgrade Dojo from 1.10.8 to 1.10.9 (Erik H)
* Fix HTML aging statement download not popping up 'Save' dialog (Erik H)
* Fix date format 'dd/mm/yyyy' being parsed incorrectly (Erik H, #3223)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.12
* Fix depreciation method listing incorrect stored procedure (Erik H)
* Fix failure to select business type details from business list (Erik H, #3154)
* Require fixed asset values needed in depreciation to be entered (Erik H)
* Fix the Net Book Value report listing assets by the wrong class (Erik H)
* Fix the Net Book Value report incorrectly excluding some assets (Erik H)
* Fix Ship To screen reporting server error and staying blank (Erik H, #2516)
* Fix non-existing entry-point error on 'Approve' in fixed assets (Erik H)
* Fix errors due to double 'action' field in fixed assets reports (Erik H)
* Fix disposal-specific fields appearing in depreciation screens (Erik H)
* Fix Parts Group drop-down and column selector in Goods Search (Erik H, #1581)
* Require proceeds on disposal prevents NULL amounts on approval (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.11
* Rename lighttpd example configuration file for consistency (Yves L)
* Fix Net Book Value report shows 'LedgerSMB::Report' as its name (Erik H, #3132)
* Fix Depreciation screen not showing any assets (Erik H, #3131)
* Fix fixed asset's 'Usable life' field not showing entered value (Erik H, #3130)
* Fix Net Book Value report's link to asset details broken (Erik H, #3129)
* Ensure forked sub-processes to be correctly terminated (Erik H)
* Fix Form submission sometimes seems to hang (Erik H, #2972)
* Fix missing content in columns of the outstanding report (Erik H, #2585)
* Fix contacts search ignores e-mail and phone filters (Erik H, #2821)
* Fix contacts search by address data doesn't work (Erik H, #2490)
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.10
* Fix loading image URL taken from Dojo 1.12 (instead of 1.10) (Erik H)
* Fix mails being sent with non-unique Message-IDs (Erik H, #3041)
* Round-trip fewer values over web requests during migration (Erik H)
* Migrate accounting <-> invoice relationship from LSMB 1.2/SL (Erik H/Yves L)
* Fix 500 ISE on bottom of order when creating from vendor (Erik H, #3057)
* Contact info now properly HTML-escaped (Erik H, #2820)
* Add check for cr_coa_to_account primary key to 1.3 migration (Erik H, #2663)
* Add work-around to PGOld for PGObject::Simple 2.x incompatibility (Chris T)
* Fix missing asset classes on Depreciate and Disposal screens (Erik H, #3123)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.5.9
* Fix goods/services search with AR/AP invoices (Chris T, #2938)
* Fix inventory activity report drill down over-inclusive (Chris T, #2926)
* Fix Ship/Receive column alignments (Chris T)
* Fix mailing recurring invoices shows invoice in-screen (Erik H, #3004)
* Fix missing column SQL error when posting recurring invoices (Erik H)
* Show an error when page assets (Dojo) are missing (Erik H)
* Fix new welcome page being referred to by absolute path (Erik H, #2994)
* Fix 'Not an ARRAY reference' error in recurring AP processing (Erik H, #2973)
* Fix recurring AP invoices posted but 'next date' unchanged (Erik H, #3019)
* Fix the fix for '.' missing in @INC (Erik H)
* Add lighttpd example config (Yves L)
* Fix regression in with LedgerSMB 1.2 or SQL Ledger db (Yves L)
* Fix error when adding customer-specific price to customer (Erik H, #2643)
* Fix can't edit sales & purchase quotation through web UI (Erik H, #2617)
* Fix string match operator typo in company searches (Erik H)
* Fix LedgerSMB 1.2->1.5 migration script syntax errors (Erik H)
* Add migration non-standard (gl) 'account links' for 1.2->1.5 (Erik H)
* When including code with 'do', don't silently skip errors (David G, #3020)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
David G is David Godfrey
Changelog for 1.5.8
* Fix printing of AR/AP transactions results in JavaScript error (Erik H)
* Fix ODS output appearing on 'Title page' instead of 'Search results' (Erik H)
* Fix Edit Vendor address misses 'Save' button (Erik H, #2709)
* Fix Recurring Transactions screen fails on second access (Erik H, #2888)
* Fix 'On Hand' goods search filter not being applied (Erik H, #2845)
* Clean up issues found by Debian's 'lintian' (Erik H, Robert C)
* Fix layout regression of 1.5 in single payment screen (Erik H, #1917)
* Fix 'Update' on Assembly page resetting BOM count to 1 (Erik H, 2835)
* Fix 'Update' on Assembly page requiring all BOM lines filled (Erik H, 2835)
* New 'Welcome' screen after login, helping people find help (Erik H)
* Updated Indonesian translation (LedgerSMB Transifex Indonesian group)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.5.7
* Fix missing trailing zeros in cheque printing (Erik H, #2565)
* Change comparison periods selector to a number spinner (Erik H)
* Fix http error response (Yves L)
* Fix Salesperson field not displayed (Nick P, #2784)
* Fix can't delete unused account after books closed (Nick P, #2800)
* Fix Contact search on address broken (Nick P, #2490)
* Fix parts with capitals can't be added to AP invoices (Erik H)
* Change 'Super-user login' to 'Database admin login' (Erik H, #2654)
* Fix reconciliation loads parser from non-existing location (Erik H, #2313)
* Clarify 'Import (Yes/No)' on user creation (Erik H, #1510)
* Fix left menu initially too narrow (Erik H, #955)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.5.6
* Fix syntax error in LaTeX templates for printed documents (Erik H)
* Refactor filter pages for income statement and balance sheet (Erik H)
* Fix reversal of payments against non-eca-default AR/AP account (Erik H, #2558)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.5
* Fix name of the sequence being updated in the 1.3 migration script (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.4
* Updated Dojo from 1.10.6 to 1.10.7 (Erik H)
* Add missing defaults in ledgersmb.conf 'database' section (David G, #2632)
* Add 2 missing RHEL dependencies to Makefile (David G)
* Add conf/ describing the content of conf/ (David G)
* Fixed bug in template processing only seen on CentOS (Chris T)
* Transaction forgets payment account on Update (Nick P, #2580)
* Updates to sample config and Makefile (Bill O)
* Improved table reading experience for dynatable based reports (Erik H)
* Fix file attachments shown twice after migration from 1.3 (Erik H, #2659)
* Fix two issues in the 1.3->1.5 migration script (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
David G is David Godfrey
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Bill O is Bill Ott
Changelog for 1.5.3
* Fix access to contact data for database admins (Erik H)
* Fix Reconciliation Submit button not enabled (Nick P)
* Fix Batch Search for approved transactions (Chris T)
* Compensate for CVE-2016-1238 ('.' no longer in @INC) (Erik H)
* Fix Invoice line item descriptions not visible until clicked (Erik H, #2607)
* Fix payment amounts in Cash->Reports->Receipts (Erik H, 2618)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.2
* Redirect '/' to '/' in Starman (Erik H, #2520)
* Description field too big on GL and invoice screens (Erik H, #2264)
* Remove spurious space in Apache2 example config (Erik H, #2534)
* Credit invoice edit screen looks exactly like regular screen (Erik H, #2550)
* admin can't reset user password [regresses 1.5.1] (Erik H, #2555)
* Fix misnamed function in call (Chris T)
* Suppress NOTICEs while creating/upgrading databases (Erik H, #2560)
* Invoice template: 'Paid' row shows even without payments (Erik H, #2569)
* Invoice template: 'Payments' section always printed (Erik H, #2568)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.5.1
* Adjust tools/ for interface changes in 1.5 (Erik H)
* Outstanding report (AR/AP) not showing Due amount (Erik H, #2351)
* Outstanding report (AR/AP) does not include taxes (Erik H, #2437)
* Contact screen does not honor Default Country from Defaults (Erik H, #2349)
* UI switches language after "Post Batch" (Erik H, #1640)
* Incorrect address on Aging statement (Erik H, #1245)
* Database error when clicking 'Preferences' menu (Erik H, #2370)
* Can't open Template Transaction (Erik H, #2369)
* Print selects (printer, ...) shown even without Print button (Erik H, #2376)
* Cash->Voucher->Reverse doesn't filter by account (Erik H, #1401)
* 'year' dropdown in 'General Journal > Search' always empty (Erik H, #2278)
* Can't import Timecard due to 'undefined action "run_import"' (Erik H, #2462)
* Filtering PNL by reporting unit (dep't) fails (Erik H, #2469)
* 'System > Reporting units' doesn't show module checkmarks (Erik H, #2470)
* Languages not sorted by description (but by code instead) (Erik H, #1118)
* 'Print' button appears to work only once per browser session (Erik H, #2083)
* Can't override 'Subject' when sending invoice (Erik H, #2488)
* Template menus should refer to 'template_name' (Erik H/John L, #2497)
* Don't open a new window when clicking 'Return to login' (Erik H, #2496)
* Don't show an error on session expiry (Erik H, #2502)
* Editing account heading shows 'Account' tab (Erik H, #2507)
* Cash > Voucher > Receipt doesn't preserve Source (Erik H, #2487)
* When saving a business unit, return to the edit screen (Erik H, #1024)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
John L is John Locke
Changelog for 1.5.0
UI changes
* LedgerSMB now frameless (ChrisT)
* Full use of Dojo widgets (ErikH)
* Compressed/compiled Dojo for better performance (JohnL)
* Reports and screens can now be bookmarked (Chris T)
* Optionally can add unapproved trans. to some reports (Chris T)
Price Matrix Enhancements
* Quantity discounts can be set in the pricematrix (Chris T)
* Price matrix now filters on currency (Chris T)
Template changes
* All document templates (including INCLUDEs) now in-database (Erik H, #854)
* 1.4's <?lsmb LETTERHEAD ?> now <?lsmb INCLUDE letterhead ?>
* 1.3's INCLUDE extensions dropped;
<?lsmb INCLUDE letterhead.tex ?> -> <?lsmb INCLUDE letterhead ?>
Code Cleanup
* Relying on Plack for webserver integration; stub scripts removed (ChrisT)
* Removed LedgerSMB's custom dojo page loader (ErikH)
* Removed dead code ( used for identification) (ErikH)
* Removed dependency on Class::Struct (ChrisT)
* Removed all inserts into chart view (ChrisT, GH 931)
* Removed long-broken French chart of accounts (ChrisT)
* Removed unused saved trial balance components (ChrisT, GH 775)
* Source tree restructuring: libraries in lib/, docroot in UI/ (ErikH)
API Enhancements
* Moved a great deal of code into PGObject framework on CPAN (ChrisT)
* Session handling committed before main action (Chris T, GH 943)
Quality assurance
* Verification of pre-defined Chart of Accounts files (ChrisT)
* Assurance of completeness of 'use'-tested source files (ErikH)
* Extended 'use'-tests to cover full set of source files (ErikH)
* New tests validating source code requirements, such as (ErikH)
- Reject code using certain modules (Data::Dumper, Carp::Always, ...)
- Reject code which isn't formatted correctly
- Reject code which uses certain constructs
* Basic verification of PO (translation) files (ErikH)
* Basic automated in-browser testing through (ErikH/ChrisT)
* Basic automated in-browser testing with PhantomJS (ErikH)
* Expansion of webbased translation support through Transifex (ErikH)
ChrisT is Chris Travers
ErikH is Erik Huelsmann
JohnL is John Locke
Changelog for 1.4 Series
Released 2014-09-15
Changelog for 1.4.42
* Fix goods/services search with AR/AP invoices (Chris T, #2938)
* Fix ar/ap not searchable by part number (Chris T, #2926)
* Round-trip fewer values over web requests during migration (Erik H)
* Bank account info now properly HTML-escaped (Erik H, #2820)
* Ensure forked sub-processes to be correctly terminated (Erik H)
* Fix missing content in columns of the outstanding report (Erik H, #2585)
* Fix contacts search ignores e-mail and phone filters (Erik H, #2821)
* Fix contacts search by address data doesn't work (Erik H, #2490)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.41
* Fix 'Bad interval' error with PNL comparisons (Erik H, #2146)
* Refactor filter pages for income statement and balance sheet (Erik H)
* Follow-up to earlier compensation for '.' missing from @INC (Erik H, #2275)
* Fix reversal of payments against non-eca-default AR/AP account (Erik H, #2558)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.40
* Fix name of the sequence being updated in the 1.3 migration script (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.39
* Fixed searching for approved batches (Chris T, #2592)
* Don't cache per-company (from database) templates (Erik H, #2573)
* Don't block database administrator access to Contacts (Erik H)
* Compensate for the removal of '.' from @INC on newer Perl versions (Erik H)
* Fix payments sometimes double-counted in Cash>Reports>Receipts (Erik H, #2618)
* Remove reference to removed JS files, silencing logs (Chris T)
* Fix bug reading templates directory (only seen on CentOS) (Chris T)
* Fix attachments showing up twice after 1.3->1.4 migration (Erik H, #2659)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.38
* Printed credit invoice indistinguishible from regular invoice (Erik H, #2546)
* Credit invoice edit screen looks like regular invoice screen (Erik H, #2550)
* Failure to generate AR/AP aging report (Erik H, #2545)
* Fix misnamed function in call (Chris T)
* Invoice template: 'Paid' row shows even without payments (Erik H, #2569)
* Invoice template: 'Payments' section always printed (Erik H, #2568)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.37
* Outstanding report (AR/AP) not showing Due amount (Erik H, #2351)
* Outstanding report (AR/AP) does not include taxes (Erik H, #2437)
* Contact screen does not honor Default Country from Defaults (Erik H, #2349)
* UI switches language after "Post Batch" (Erik H, #1640)
* Incorrect address on Aging statement (Erik H, #1245)
* Print selects (printer, ...) shown even without Print button (Erik H, #2376)
* Cash->Voucher->Reverse doesn't filter by account (Erik H, #1401)
* Filtering PNL by reporting unit (dep't) fails (Erik H, #2469)
* Languages not sorted by description (but by code instead) (Erik H, #1118)
* When saving a business unit, return to the edit screen (Erik H, #1024)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.36
* Overpayments incorrectly not reduced when applied (Erik H, #2346)
* Fix number formatting/processing in batch payment/receipt (Erik H, #2350)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.35
* Fixed release process; 1.4.32+ included '-dev' in tar version (Erik H)
* Fix 'existing account' check when saving account configuration (Yves L)
* Add 'make clean' Makefile target (Erik H, #1828)
* Fix failing upgrades from 1.3 due to 'locked_by' not NULL (Erik H, #2241)
* Fix inability to add new business unit class (Erik H, #1023)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Changelog for 1.4.34
* Fixed PNL comparison periods selection resulting in error (Erik H, #2148)
* Fixed PNL hierarchies both selected (Erik H, #2147)
* Fixed error at bottom of invoice, under Starman (Erik H)
* Add test and hard fail with error if tempdir permissions aren't sane. (David G)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
David G is David Godfrey
Changelog for 1.4.33
* Fixed issue with COA overview and tax accounts (Chris T, #2030)
* Fixed issue with outstanding reversing amount and total (Chris T, #2031)
* Fixed "save draft" buttons not showing (Chris T, #994)
* Fixed error reopening books across multiple closings (Chris T #2025)
* Fixed moose error in timecard with qty mising (Chris T, #2048)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.32
* Moved to findbin from use lib '.' (Chris T, #1911)
* Fixed starman on debian with latest fixes (Chris T)
* Fixed strange error at bottom of invoice screen on Starman (Chris T)
* Fixed update of department id/control codes (Chris T, #1220)
* Fixed pricematrix rewriting prices of posted invoices (Chris T, #1954)
* Contacts with create contact permissions now can edit too (Chris T, #1255)
* Fixed update on single payment interface resets paymnt amt (Erik H, #1916)
* Fixed purchase history not grabbing correct paid status (Chris T, #2000)
* Fixed Gifi PNL/Balance Sheet not displaying properly (Erik H, #1996)
* Add role required to re-open year closing (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.31
* Fixed user with contact all privileges can't create contacts (Chris T #1219)
* Fixed new user with manage users can't see employee (Chris T #1841)
* Fixed Can't upload html templates (Chris T, #1179)
* Fixed can't log into companies with & in their names (Chris T, #1004)
* Added NZ chart of accounts (Kiwi)
* Fixed can't create checkpoints before transactions (Chris T, #1704)
* Fixed contact_all insufficient to create contacts (Chris T, #1219)
* Fixed internal server errors on debian following upgrade (Chris T and Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.30
* Fix payment reversal of foreign-currency invoices (Erik H, #1716)
* No longer default the temporary directory to /tmp/ledgersmb (Erik H)
* 1.3->1.4 upgrade always thinks db is 1.4.0, even when not (Erik H, #1671)
* Fix translations section in GL account editing screen being cut off (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.29
* Add disambiguating 'Create' button on frontpage (Erik H)
* Fix 'Post and Print' button on payment screen (Erik H, #1489)
* Simpler installation: move off Makefile.PL to cpanfile (Erik H)
* Follow-up fix to allow multiple logins per user (Erik H)
* Fix documentation typos, policy (Erik H, #1206, #1498)
* Fix error after mailing order (Erik H, #1408)
* Fix saving over existing sales order drops a line (Erik H, #1431)
* Implement template transaction deletion (Erik H, #1571)
* Credit account with missing currency fails to load from db (Erik H, #1116)
* Fix manual tax shows base amount 0.00 on printed invoice (Erik H, #948)
* Fix 'X' button on invoice doesn't fully remove part (Erik H, #1564)
* Add selection of multiple consecutive periods for B/S and PNL (Yves L)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Changelog for 1.4.28
* Fix for 1.3 to 1.4 migration of 'recurring' table data (David G, #1447)
* Support for fixing up data in migrations using drop-downs (Yves L)
* Fix Upgrade_Tests validation complaint on valid GIFI data (Erik H, #1443)
* Fix number formatting on locale with comma as decimal separator (Erik H)
* Fix performance issue in General Joural > Chart of Accounts screen (Erik H)
* Fix being able to close periods - regression from 1.3 (Erik H)
David G is David Godfrey
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.27
* Added note to batch list that all are locked (Chris T)
* Allow multiple logins per user, all with own locks (Chris T, #1418)
* Fixes meaningless subtotals on recon search results (Chris T, #995)
* SQL Ledger 3.0 migration support (Yves L/Erik H)
* SQL Ledger 2.8 migration improvements from SL 3.0 support (Erik H)
* Fix random column ordering in PNL & B/S comparison (Yves L)
* Complete Norwegian Bokmal translation (Stig B)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Stig B is Stig Berg
Changelog for 1.4.26
* Removed broken and largely useless lwp tests (Chris T)
* Moved X12 support from features downgraded to experimental (Chris T)
* Fixed stylesheet class for setup console (Chris T, #1204)
* Added Copy to New for GL transactions (Chris T, #1046)
* Fixed amount range not respected on gl search (Chris T, #1287)
* Fixed invalid number crash when not displaying credit (Chris T, #1263)
* Fixed template transactions (Chris T and Erik H, #1071)
* Fixed part description editing on invoices/orders(Chris T, #1373)
* Updated Danish translation (Mikkel H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Mikkel H is Mikkel Hoegh
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.25
* Added datepicker to invoice Delivery Date field (Nick P)
* Fixed reversal of sales invoice with parts without inventory (Erik H, #990)
* Updates to the Estonian language (Peeter P)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Peeter P is Peeter Partel
Changelog for 1.4.24
* Fixed new transactions not being added to recon reports (Erik H, #979)
* Fixed AR/AP Aging report not taking date into account (Craig W, #1286)
* Updates to the Danish language (Mikkel H)
* Updates to the Arabic (Egypt) language (Rami A)
* Updates to the Estonian language (Peeter P)
Craig W is Craig Webster
Mikkel H is Mikkel Hoegh
Rami A is Rami Assi
Peeter P is Peeter Partel
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.23
* Fixed running balance column of GL report double-counting (Erik H, #1205)
* Fixed spelling errors (David G, #1178)
* Fixed spelling errors (Erik H, #1183, #1170)
* Fixed handling of recurring transactions (Erik H, #1227)
* Fixed selected currency in vouchers -> payments isn't default (Erik H, #1186)
* Fixed CoA screen offering Delete for referenced accounts (Erik H, #972)
* Fixed vouchers print total instead of due amount (Erik H, #1068)
* Fixed missing envelope and shipping label templates (Erik H, #874)
* Fixed detailed (AR/AP) aging statements not working (Erik H, #1177)
David G is David Godfrey
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.22
* Fixed balance sheet language selection (Erik H)
* Fixed column headings translated in report language (Erik H)
* Fixed add report styling for financial reports PDF (Erik H, GH1080)
* Enhanced all accounts can be selected in trial balance (Erik H, GH1107)
* Fixed syntax errors in ms_MY.po and de.po (Erik H)
* Fixed translatable string detection (Erik H)
* Updated translation (source) files (Erik H)
* Integrated Transifex ( translation process (Erik H)
Note: To start helping to translate LedgerSMB, check out
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.21
* Added drilldown to AR outstanding report (Chris T GH1053)
* Fixed 0 amount accounts showing up in financial statements (Erik H, GH1079)
* Fixed order of PNL Account Category is Off (Erik H, GH1069)
* Fixed statements not printing from db templates (Chris T)
* FEATURE: Added (back) user-selectable report language (Erik H GH1106)
* Fixed missing report styling on financial reports (Erik H GH1080)
* Fixed 0 amount accounts showing up in financial statements (Erik H, GH1079)
* Fixed order of PNL Account Category is Off (Erik H, GH1069)
* Fixed reports show totals above sections (Erik H GH1083)
* Fixed 'Defaults' screen saves NULL 'earn_id' breaks PNL (Erik H GH1117)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.20
* Fixed one untranslated string in balance sheet (Chris T)
* Added running balance to report drill downs (Chris T, GH1007)
* Fixed ar/ap transactions not setting currency right (Chris T, GH1032)
* Fixed ar/ap transactions not setting forex rate right (Chris T, GH1033)
* Fixed pdf report criteria not showing up on reports (Chris T, GH1038)
* Fixed paying some invoices defaulting to 0 (Chris T, GH1021)
* Added warning for unapproved transaction in recon period (Chris T, GH856)
* Added warning on previous unapproved recons in recon period (Chris T, GH857)
* Fixed batch locking problems (Chris T, GH992)
* Fixed single receipt received jumping from 0 to full (Chris T, GH974)
* Fixed confusing error creating account without a heading (Chris T, GH1052)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.19
* Fixed permission denied when entering budgets (GH944, Chris T)
* Fixed error when deleting batches with inventory (GH953 Chris T)
* Fixed report sorting back proxying to different directory (GH858, Chris T)
* Added auto-generation of person control code like company (Chris T)
* Removed redirect on posting sales invoice draft (GH 941, Chris T)
* Fixed aging report not respecting name search field (GH 954, Chris T)
* Fixed lack of redirection w/parts causing workflow problems (GH 940 Chris T)
* Fixed ugly moose error on lack of file upload (GH 949, Chris T)
* Fixed load issues of some COA files, added tests (GH 772, Chris T)
* Removing SKR03 from charts of accounts (Chris T)
* Fixed payments not showing up when cleint has no threshold (Chris T)
* Fixed invoice total per client showing amount paid instead (Chris T)
* Fixed net amounts being siet to paid amounts (GH 961, Chris T)
* Removed many references to the chart view (GH #930, Chris T)
* Fixed saving user fails with error 4 or 5 (GH #1008, Chris T)
* Disabled hierarchy reports where not set up (GH #1025, Chris T)
* Fixed unable to create accounts without delete privilege (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.18
* New feature: Create users from with no new perms (GH 883, Chris T)
* Fixed Net Book Value reporting '0' before depreciation (GH 879, ChrisT)
* Fixed permissions entering assets (GH 878, ChrisT)
* Removed broken handling of old datestyle settings (Chris T)
* Fixed #765, manage_users broken on db creation (Chris T)
* Fixed date showing up as PGDate::Hash on Asset report (Chris T)
* Removed unused pos_invoice.txt (GH #875, Chris T)
* Fixed SF1312, receipt not skipped on empty pay field (Chris T)
* Fixed SF1315, inv/part problems when heading/acc have same accno (Chris T)
* Fixed cannot create user with same user id as already in db (GH882 Chris T)
* Fixed sales checkbox doesnt save or display correctly (GH877, Chris T)
* Fixed orders search not respecting name field (SF1345, Chris T)
* Fixed role_prefix not committed after Copy Database (GH964, NickP)
* Add datepicker widget to Transaction Form date fields (NickP)
* Fixed invoice query not showing addresses for persons (Rami H
* Fixed ar/ap handling with calculated taxes. (GH
ChrisT is Chris Travers
NickP is Nick Prater
Rami H is Rami Hovi
Changelog for 1.4.17
* FEATURE: Automatic calculation of taxes in AR/AP transactions (ErikH)
* FEATURE: Use account hierarchies in balance and PnL reporting (ErikH)
* Fixed partial shipments decrementing extra inventory (ChrisT)
* Fixed template references to item (order/invoice) descriptions (ErikH)
* Added more SQL Ledger 2.8 migration checks (ErikH)
* Fixed incomplete (xe)demo and demo-with-images templates (ErikH)
* Fixed cannot make header its own root, GH 896 (Chris T)
Note: This release changes the way the account headings are used
on the balancesheet and income statement reports. This requires
additional configuration. See
for more information.
ChrisT is Chris Travers
ErikH is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.16
* FEATURE: Added possibility to translate account descriptions (ErikH)
* Fixed shell environment being clobbered when loading schema (GH #813) (ErikH)
* Fixed FX handling in payment bulk posting workflow (GH #758)
* Removed unused Net::TCLink dependency and POS code (ErikH)
* Update schema documentation files in doc/database/ (ErikH)
* Failure to open HR/Employee screen (ChrisT)
* Failure to save user preferences (ErikH)
* Tax module 'Rounded' offered, but not available (ErikH)
* Single-payment screen doesn't collapse details divs on open (ErikH)
ErikH is Erik Huelsmann
ChrisT is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.15
* Fix printing invoices and orders under Starman (GH 736) (ErikH)
* Fix payroll deduction types report failing to load (GH 740) (ChrisT)
* Fix absolute URLs interacting badly with reverse-proxy (GH 730) (ErikH)
* Fix printing of payments (GH 733) (JohnL)
* Fix deletion of reporting unit class (SF 1378) (ErikH)
* Fix warnings in webserver logs on contact screen/search (ErikH)
* Fix false values of social security/tax id number for employee (Chris T)
* Fix errors in upload of GL and inventory CSVs (ErikH)
* Fix trial balance not respecting filters (ErikH)
* Fix SQL for listing of locations and contacts of Persons (ErikH)
* Remove some debug output in error logs (ErikH)
* Create user management screens in to work around GH 765 (ErikH)
ErikH is Erik Huelsmann
ChrisT is Chris Travers
JohnL is John Locke
Changelog for 1.4.14
* Replace spanish CoA for compliance; donated by AccountNet
* Correctly set HTML form element 'required' attribute in output (ErikH)
* In Employee entry screen, mark required fields as such (ErikH)
* Fix being unable to remove roles from user (SF 1395) (ErikH)
* Improved required input checking on form submit (SF 1382/GH 715) (ErikH)
* Fixed css making it difficult or impossible to save person records (Chris T)
* Fixed sudden bouncing to employee screen along with info loss (Chris T)
* Fixed salutation and entity class not setting, entering person (Chris T)
* Prevent CREATE LANGUAGE error when creating new company (RobR)
* Fixed errors not showing up properly using Starman (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
ErikH is Erik Huelsmann
RobR is Rob Ransbottom
Changelog for 1.4.13
* Account edit group can checkboxes and mark accounts obsolete (Chris T)
* Fixed time cards failing to save (GitHub bug 636) (Erik H)
* List COGS accounts under 'Default COGS' (instead of expense) (Erik H)
* Fix preprocessing Roles.sql was required in 1.3 (obsolete in 1.4) (Erik H)
* Fix entry, selection and listing of GIFI account codes (Erik H)
* Fix entity "Accounts" 'Save as' button (Erik H)
* Fix 'Business Type' not showing up in Contact Account tab (Erik H)
* Fix balance sheet CSV missing 'description' column content (Erik H)
* Fix can't delete draft transactions with reporting units (SF 1391) (Erik H)
* GIFI PNL reports are back. (Chris T)
* Fix payment entry at the bottom of invoices (SF 1394) (Erik H)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.12
* Updated German translation by Adrian v. Meibom <>
* Fixed printing of purchase order due to SQL error (bug 1359) (Erik H)
* Don't show button for dis-allowed action in GL entry (bug 1355) (Erik H)
* Admin can't reset user's password due to SQL error (bug 1333) (Erik H)
* Fix dependency listing (include JSON) (bug 1347) (Erik H)
* Make generate fewer warnings in the error logs (Erik H)
* Fix 'Save as' in contact account clobbering existing one (bug 1364) (Erik H)
* Fixed empty response causing some problems. (Chris T)
* Detect account heading graph loops and throw errors (Chris T)
* Fixed errors about missing (Erik H)
* Add PNL and Balance sheet CSV export (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.4.11
* Fixed account dropdowns on default screen (Nick P)
* Fixed broken comparison with oldvendor (Nick P)
* Fixed workflow for saving reconciliation reports (Nick P)
* Fixed HTML errors in payment details (Nick P)
* Making LaTeX optional on starman (Chris T)
* Fixing issues where colon is in password (Chris T)
* Fixed missing separation of duties on GL (Chris T)
* Fixed GL new button preserving first line (Chris T)
* Fixed AR/AP transactions not saving when using dojo widget (Chris T)
* Fixed 'New' button on GL entry screen leaving an uncleared line (Erik H)
* Fixed Account/Heading entry screen selecting tab on 'Update' (Erik H)
* Fixed Heading 'Save' action complaining about conflicting data (Erik H)
* Multiple fixes showing and saving account/heading headings (Erik H)
* Add 'Delete' option for headings not linked to accounts/headings (Erik H)
* Fixed encoding issue for special characters in password change (Erik H)
* Fixing Malaysian language issues (DB and preferences, bug #1358) (Pongracz I)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Pongracz I is Istvan Pongracz
Changelog for 1.4.10
* Note: Corrected version numbers in, 1.4.10 had 1.4.9 as version
* Malay translation added (Kaiser F, and others)
* Fixed 1292, some template editing scripts linked to wrong mod (Chris T)
* Fixed 1290, payment/receipt screen options never show (Chris T)
* Fixed 1291, cannot change customer/vendor on orders/quotes (Chris T)
* Cleaned up logs a little (Chris T)
* Fixed 1294, cannot change parts description or price on inv. (Chris T)
* Fixed 1298, upgrade does not create ar.setting_sequence (Chris T)
* Fixed 1304.1, removed check printing from invoices (Chris T)
* Fixed join issue for GL drafts showing wrong amt (Chris T)
* Fixed 1304.2, pay to name not used in single payment (Chris T)
* Fixed 1314, download link files attached to ECA and entity broken (Erik H)
* Fixed column names in ECA/entity linked files tables (John L)
* Fixed headers indistinguishable from accounts in CoA for some CSS (Erik H)
* Fixed 404 on invoice link from AR/AP aging reports details view (Erik H)
* Fixed html in fixed assets screens (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Kaiser F is Kaiser Farrel
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
John L is John Locke
Changelog for 1.4.9
* Fixed issue with contacts not loading in 1.4,8 (regression, Chris T)
* Removed optional dependency on LaTeX from starman preload (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.8
* Fixed end-date not a date widget on employee div (Chris T)
* Fixed errors saving person as employee on contacts screen (Chris T)
* Added min empty lines for orders, invoices, and gl (Chris T, 1277)
* Fixed 1280, credit/debit invoices flipping signs (Chris T)
* Fixed 1279, gaps possible if drafts are deleted (Chris T)
* Fixed 1287, perl errors on missing inputs on (Chris T)
* Fixed 1285, unable to enter more than 1 top-level rep. unit (Chris T)
* Fixed 1283, dash in header of amounts col in PNL (Chris T)
* Fixed 1284, pdf pnl does not work over https or nonstandard ports (Chris T)
* Fixed 1282, business units not passed to trial balance (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.7
* Fixed 1231, lack of validation on forms leads to Perl errors (Chris T)
* Fixed 1264, account numbers out of place on PNL (Chris T)
* Fixed 1268, name not clickable on customer/vendor searches (Chris T)
* Fixed 1274, error on posting payment reversals w. dd/mm/yyy dates (Chris T)
* Fixed 1227, 1252, added batch printing via batches (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1275, post error due to trying to double encode arry (Chris T)
* Fixing position of returns checkbox on account screen (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1278, multi-language templates not stored in db (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.6
* Fixed bug 1259, id from new_shipto overwrites form-id (Pongracz I)
* Fixed related bug to 1259 on invoices (Chris T)
* Updated Dutch translation (Frans S and Erik H)
* New returns-specific logic (see release notes) (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1262, cannot post overpayment with formatted nums (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1263, error when control_code not filled in (chris T)
* Fixed update button not showing after save (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1260, Multiple vendor skus breaks display of invoice (Chris T)
* Removed buggy batch printing interface (Chris T)
* Added search for approved batches (Chris T)
* Fixed PGNumber error when posting gl entry (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1273, some invoices cannot be opened (John L)
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Chris T is Chris Travers
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
John L is John Locke
Changelog for 1.4.5
* Fixed bug 1245, print and email buttons lost after email invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1246, entity-level addresses do not show on invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1244, manually entered tax crashes invoice on edit (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1253, report pdfs redirect to port 80 (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error on single payment interface (Chris T)
* Adding tax_id hidden field to order and offer forms to be able to include it on tex templates (Pongracz I)
* Fixed bug 1195, goods and services w/invoice search useless (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1247, cannot save shipping record (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1255, no such function timecard__report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1256, No such function: inventory_get_item_at_day (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.4.4
* Fixed bug 1225 error saving order/quote for natural persons (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1235, natural persons' orders not on report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug, insufficient perms on account_checkpoint_id_seq (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1238, web services do not run on starman (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1233, insufficient error handling with templates (Chris T)
* Added Product Receipt templates for printing vendor invoices (Chris T)
* (Bug Report 1229), added ID card and birthdate tracking (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1234, trying to save user before employee thows error (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1239, reopening on previous close throws error (Chris T)
* Fixed upgrade bug, referential errors upgrading 1.2 data (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1243, formats don't work (Chris T)
* Quieted some test cases (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.3
* Added sanity check for psql availability (Bug 1226, Chris T)
* Added db fix for older eca's missing currencies (Bug 1228, Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1230, pricematrix for vendors not respected (Chris T)
* Updated installation instructions with more Apache info (Bill A)
* Improvements in testing LedgerSMB::Sysconfig (bug 1232, Chris T)
* Fixing sales tax rounding precision (bug via email, Chris T)
* Added Starman/Plack support (Chris T)
* Fixed duplicate user handling in (Chris T)
* renamed 'Post as Saved' to 'Post', 'Save as Shown' to 'Save Draft' (Chris T)
Bill A is Bill Appelbe
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.2
* Separated address classes for employees out (bug 817, Chris T)
* Fixed dojo issue with user address screen (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1219, log message of warning trial_balance/search.css (Chris T)
* Fixed issue with demo_with_images invoice.tex item description (Chris T)
* Display vendor's sku if available on orders and invoices, bug 1218 (Chris T)
* Fixed error unable to delete order (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1223 prices 0 if selected from parts search (Chris T)
* Fixed issue, cannot log in after creating batch. (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1224, account dropdowns on budget screen not working (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.4.1
* Fixed bug 1205, copy does not copy roles (Chris T)
* Added multi-date inventory uploads (Erik H)
* Fixed bug 1207, date format not displated on preferences (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1208, username does not appear on menu block (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1209, Types of Businesses report shows total discounts (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1210, Cannot list business reporting units (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1211, Sequences always set to allow input (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1213, opaque error when no tax form selected on report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1214, Company db name not displated on some reports (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1212, Fixed error regaring no default action (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1215, duplicate user throws incorrect error (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1204, Unable to select blank salutation (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1198, incorrect rewrite rule on Apache 2.4 (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1217, Link to business units on Business_Unit report was hardcoded (Pongracz I)
* Fixed bug causing COGS dates to be set null (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.4.0
General Enhancements:
* Performance enhancements on menu routines (Chris T and Steven M)
* Added +/- selection indicators to menu CSS (Chris T)
* Changing all auth calls to hit postgres db instead of template1 (Chris T)
* invoice.unit is now unbounded varchar to reduce errors (Chris T, 3516235)
* Invoices with inventory subject to draft/vouchers workflows (Chris T)
* Added Equity (Temp) account type, closed at year-end (Chris T)
* Added description field to transaction and invoice screens (Chris T)
* Removed ability to repost/delete transactions (Chris T)
* Partsgroups can now be nested though this is not yet used by LSMB (Chris T)
* Timecard system generalized to allow labor and materials cards too (Chris T)
* Can now print envelopes or shipping labels from many screens (Chris T)
* Can now select default formats for printed invoices (Chris T)
* Shipvia is now a text area. (Chris T)
* Descriptions can now be locked on invoices and orders (Chris T)
* Reconciliation reports can now be rejected (Chris T, 855)
* Added rounding tax module (Chris T, related to bug report 878)
* SQL files placed in sql/on_load/ now run on creation/upgrade of db (Chris T)
Enhancing Security Structure
* Session expiration now with configurable behavior (Chris T)
* Templates for user documents (like invoices) now stored in the db (Chris T)
* New Roles.sql file can be reloaded without prepocessing (Chris T)
* New Roles.sql file leaves no errors on success (Chris T)
* Removed public grants, using a base user instead (Chris T)
Enhancing data integrity
* No longer allow NULL amounts in acc_trans (Chris T)
Control Code Series System (Chris T)
* Covers invoices, orders, transactions, parts, and business units
* Have many different series for the same field (i.e. several series of
* Each can set whether it overrides user input.
* PostgreSQL contrib dependencies removed, now require Pg 8.4 (Chris T)
* LaTeX format detection now run-time call, not configured (Chris T)
* Add search for apache user & config path
Do not overwrite ledgersmb-httpd.conf without warning (Havard S)
* Validation of database schema load processes in (Erik H)
Code/API improvements
* scripts/* files moved to make inheritance possible (Chris T)
* Removed the Config::Std dependency and moved to Config::General (Chris T)
* Improved error handling using Try::Tiny and die (Chris T)
* Added "dynatable.html" template that can be included in templates (Chris T)
* Dynatable forms obtained through GET now show link back to form (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB->error and Form->error now show db version and company (Chris T)
* Simpler use of Log::Log4perl instead of LedgerSMB::Log (Chris T)
* Centralized database commit for new code (Chris T)
* Plugin model for Contact management screen (Chris T)
* Refactored for easier management and customization (Erik H)
New RESTful Web Services Framework
* Supports XML and JSON as input formats
* Supports XML and JSON as output formats
* Supports read/write for Contacts:
* Customers
* Vendors
* Employees
* Leads
* More
New Reporting Framework
* Easy bridge between SQL and display (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to CSV (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to PDF (Chris T)
* Unified UI for reports (Chris T)
* Enhanced trial balance allows for partial trial balance (Chris T)
* Enhanced trial balance allows for saved criteria (Chris T)
* New income-statement-like reports for customers and products (Chris T)
* New income-statement-like reports for invoices (Chris T)
Customer/Vendor/Employee Handling and CRM
* Added sales tax id and license number fields for companies (Chris T)
* Simpified database schema (Chris T)
* Full text search of notes for customers/vendors (Chris T)
* Added file attachments to customers, vendors, employees, leads etc (Chris T)
* Added lead handling (Chris T)
New CSV Import Module
* Imports GL transactions (Chris T)
* Imports AP batches (Chris T)
* Imports charts of accounts entries (Erik H)
* Imports GIFI tables (Erik H)
* Imports SIC tables (Erik H)
* Imports timecards (Chris T)
* Imports initial inventory and periodic counts (Chris T)
* Extensible
* field maps can be overridden
New Business Reporting Unit System (Chris T)
* Replaces Projects and Departments
* Business reporting units may be nested
* Allows one to do funds accounting, track jobs separately from projects, etc
* Report on any combination of business reporting units (up to one per class)
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Chris T is Chris Travers
Steven M is Steven Marshall
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.3 Series
Initial Release: Monday, Oct 12 2011
Supported Presently
Changelog for 1.3.47
* Fixed bug 1271, default payment account not set on 2nd line (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1275, post error due to trying to double encode arry (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.46
* Fixing bug 1257, ordnumber shows all orders open/closd (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1259, id from new_shipto overwrites form-id (Pongracz I)
* Fixed related bug to 1259 on invoices (Chris T)
* Some log quieting fixes. (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1262, cannot post overpayment with formatted numbers (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1260, Multiple vendor skus breaks display of invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1273, some invoices cannot be opened (John L)
Chris T is Chris Travers
John L is John Locke
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.45
* Cleaned up sql files so App::LedgerSMB::Admin works (Chris T)
* Fixed pricematrix prices not respected for vendors (Chris T, bug 1230)
* Added tests for Sysconfig (Chris T, bug 1232)
* Added first-rate starman/plack support (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1239, reopening on previous close throws error (Chris T)
* Quieted some of the test cases (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1244, manually entered tax crashes invoice on edit (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1251, some backports failing due to misplacing db cnx (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1241, join projection, amounts in invoice details report (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error on single payment interface (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1240, false alarms of customer credit usage exceeded (Chris T)
* Adding tax_id hidden field to order and offer forms to be able to include it on tex templates (Pongracz I)
* Fixed bug 1258, manual tax number entries do not respect number formats (Pongracz I)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.44
* Allow blank salutations, bug 1204. (Chris T)
* Easier creation of select widgets with blanks. (Chris T)
* Display vendor's sku if available on orders and invoices, bug 1218 (Chris T)
* Fixed issue where locked batch prevents login (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.43
* Fixed bug 1136, manual tax not respecting user number formats (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1171, invoices showing as current when not (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1140, shipto causes exchangerate format lost (Chris T)
* Fixed errors running custom queries where no table yet defined (Chris T)
* Use Shipto button works right away when adding from invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1196, number formatting issue when decimal separator is comma, like 1.000,00 (Pongracz I)
* Fixed bug 1169, sorting orders results in empty list (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1173, employee manager checkbox badly handled (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1199, can change shipto with no effect after positng (Chris T)
* Fixed issue 1183, added login name to menu pane (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1185, email address not shown when emailing statements (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.42
* Fix for missing emails when emailing orders/quotations (1073, Chris T)
* Fix doubled email addresses when emailing invoice (1186, Pongracz I)
* Hungarian translation changes (Pongracz I)
* Fix for inactive customers showing up on receipt search (1095, Chris T)
* Hungarian translation changes (Pongracz I)
* View file_links is no longer dropped before rebuild (Chris T, 1099)
* Fix for invoice with shipto linking to wrong one on report (Chris T, 1104)
* Fix for shipto's not being automatically checked (Chris T, 1100)
* Fixed forex rounding issue with single payments not posting (Chris T)
* Fixed typo in search payment form: aligh -> align (Pongracz I)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.41
* Fix for invalid ref when entering payment (John Locke)
Changelog for 1.3.40
* Updated nginx configuration (Pongracz I)
* GL account search now will search within descriptions for matches (Chris T)
* Printing without an invoice number now errors instead of increments (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error using cash/payment (Chris T)
* Fixed #1133 (FX rate changed after selecting part/service) (Pongracz I)
* Fixed #1078 (Don't populate all empty projects automatically) (Pongracz I)
* Fixed #1139 (Vendor can show up as default customer in sales order, confusing...) (Pongracz I)
* Fixed type mismatch between invoice.qty and invoice.allocated (Chris T)
* Fixed manual tax invoices not reversing properly (Chris T, 1134)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.39
* Fixed Internal Server Error clicking through ar/ap report (Chris T, 1022)
* Fixed internal server error deleting part (Chris T, 1027)
* Fixed Internal server error saving part with all vendor rows (Chris T, 1028)
* Fixed display of weight on parts list with comma decimal sep (Chris T, 1030)
* Fixed pricelist pdf column widths all equal (Chris T, 1037)
* Added support for zero-downtime upgrades (Chris T)
* Fixed clicking through COA does not show future transactions (Chris T, 1044)
* Fixed unable to partially pay or receive when negative due (Chris T, 1045)
* Fixed encoding for templates when edited through web (Chris T, 1077)
* Fixed customer/vendor dropdown resetting on update (Chris T, 1072)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Robert C is Robert Clay
Changelog for 1.3.38
* Fixed AR/AP transactions resetting currency/exchange rate (Chris T)
* Fixed adding vouchers not checking for locked/approved batches (Chris T 1025)
* Fixed can't delete pricematrix entries from customer screen (Chris T, 893)
* Fixed language change on order to invoice conversion (Chris T, 896)
* Fixed ar/ap tax check inconsistency (Chris T, 919)
* Fixed inputs ignored for email addresses sending statements (Chris T, 920)
* Fixed negative overpayments showing as positive (Chris T, 926)
* Fixed permission denied errors after upgrading copied db (Chris T, 956)
* Fixed "access denied" when deleting unused tax account (Chris T, 967)
* Fixed GL Report fails before entering transactions (Chris T, 977)
* Fixed start and end dates not shown on contact screen (Chris T, 979)
* Fixed employee showing up several times on search list (Chris T, 980)
* Fixed contact description not preserved on edit (Chris T, 981)
* Fixed useless buttons on credit div when no account active (Chris T, 1001)
* Backported requires() and requires_series() APIs from 1.4 (Chris T)
* Updated INSTALL to reflect better instructions for Apache 2.4 (Chris T)
* Fixed printed invoice not matching posted when 0 manual tax (Nick P, 1051)
* Updated Hungarian translation (P. Isvan)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
P. Isvan is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.37
* 1.3-1.2 downgrade now drops extensions (Chris T, 943)
* Fixed db names with spaces not supported (Chris T, 946)
* Fixed old code not working if clicked on after changing passwd (Chris 949)
* Fixed join projection issues in AP Outstanding (Chris T, 950)
* Added Apache 2.4 configuration file (Chris T)
* Fixed "save info" reporting "Draft Posted" (Chris T, 925)
* Fixed shipto causing db error on sales invoice (Chris T, 929)
* Fixed shipto including all addresses (Chris T, 929)
* Fixed shipto address not showing on invoice (Chris T, 929)
* Fixed fcgi blank screens on saving/deleting warehouse (Chris T, 902)
* Fixed blank screens after New on ar/ap transactions (Chris T, 924)
* Fixed back button handling after logout (Chris T)
* Fixed Chrome and some other browsers not properly logging out (Chris T)
* Added SQL-Ledger 2.8 migration script (Erik H)
* Removed sales/purchase order recurring logic (Chris T, 888)
* Removing references to missing line.gif (Chris T, 962)
* Fixed garbled UTF-8 characters appearing in web output (Erik H, 953)
* Removed crdate from ar/ap transactions and outstanding bug reports (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.3.36
* Set default date for AP invoice creation to current date (Chris T)
* Removed "apply discount" from use overpayment screen (Chris T)
* Fixed tax checkbox problem when one tax id includes another (Chris T)
* Fixed update forgetting creditor (Nick P)
* Fixed invoices rounding and printing differently (Giovanni B)
* Deleted broken pricematrix check on existing rows in POS (Chris T)
* Fixing manually entered tax amounts ignored printing invoice (Chris T, 864)
* Fixing deleting gl draft via gl screen fails (Chris T, 871)
* Fixing receipts listing "to pay" for amount (Chris T, 892)
* Setting->get() now works with named keys (Chris T)
* nginx sample configurations (P. Istvan)
* Fixed unable to delete ar vouchers (Chris T)
* Fixed copy to new scrambling lines (Chris T, 923)
* Fixed improper account line handling in ar/ap trans. (Chris T, 923)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Giovanni B is Giovanni Biscuolo
P. Istvan is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.35
* Fixed uninitialized value warnings when cached template enabled (Chris T)
* Fixed error in logs about failed login during initial login (Chris T, 858)
* Updated gnome2 stylesheet (Pongracz I)
* Updated Hungarian translation (Pongracz I)
* Fixed is_zero error on inventory activity report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 861, receipts saying "pay from" cash account (Chris T)
* Dropped not null requirement on zip/mail codes (Chris T, 863)
* Fixed on hold throwing http 500 errors (Chris T and Nick P, 872)
* Fixed on hold not available for ar/ap transactions (Chris T, 838)
* Fixed single payments screen confusing (Chris T, 856)
* Fixed confusing error on tax form reports (Chris T, 883)
* Fixed unable to edit quotation.tex (Chris T, 885)
* Silenced warnings in Num2Text (Chris T)
* Fixed blank weights sometimes making invoices unprintable (Chris T)
* Fixed some bugs with SL2.8 to LedgerSMB upgrades (Chris T)
* Fixed encoding errors after sending email (Chris T, 884)
* Fixed spurious 0's in incorrect fields (Chris T, 889)
* Copy to New no longer copies payments (Chris T)
* Fixed '0' invoice number on customer history summary (Chris T)
* Added 'created on' date to invoices (Pongracz I)
* Condensed income statement and balance sheet for readability (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.3.34
* Fixed some SQL syntax issues on using overpayments (Chris T)
* Fixed date range when clicking through income statement to gl (Chris T, 836)
* Fixed invoice screens not recognizing default payment account (Chris T, 837)
* Fixed gl report criteria lost when returning from transaction (Chris T, 839)
* Fixed incorrect payment account info in invoice screen (Chris T)
* Fixed on-hold handling for ar transactions (Herman V)
* Fixed address handling rendering issues on invoices (Chris T)
* Fixed error handling after state had been cleared (Herman V)
* Updates to SQL-Ledger 2.8 migration script (Chris T)
* Fixed income account tracking on assemblies screen (Erik H)
* Fixed trouble emailing recurring transactions (873, Erik H)
* Fixed saving company saving incorrectly to DB (886, John L)
* Can now search for batches/drafts without specifying a class (Erik H)
* Added trigger to prevent transactions in closed periods (Chris T)
* Fixed batch printing not writing files to print (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
John L is John Locke
Changelog for 1.3.33
* Fixed <?lsmb YYMMMDD ?> interpolation in settings (Chris T)
* Fixed Contact field on search screen not doing anything (Chris T, 808)
* Fixed Department dropdown ordering and selection (Chris T, 810)
* Fixed Project dropdown ordering and selection (Chris T, 809)
* Fixed UI inconsistency re: language dropdown (Chris T, 816)
* Fixed grants to menus (which can cause problems for submenus (Chris T, 820)
* Fixed tax boxes cannot be all unset (Chris T, 818)
* Project, serial number, and notes now appear initially (Chris T, 824)
* Fixed double-counting first date's balance on gl report (Chris T)
* Fixed user creation failing on some timezones with some datestyles (Chris T)
* Added secondary partnumber ordering to eca history report (Chris T)
* Fixed default_reportable not respected for invoices (Chris T, 799)
* Fixed dropdowns not affecting date range in tax reports (Chris T, 811)
* Added missing taxincluded handling, added script to populate (Chris T, 832)
* Fixed code references stringified on LaTeX templates (Chris T, 843)
* Orders no longer change customer when changing date (Chris T)
* Fixed toggling on-hold vendor invoices (Herman V)
* Fixed disappearing addresses on update on invoice screen (Chris T)
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.32
* Fixed em-dash handling for pdfs (Chris T)
* Fixed multiple blank line handling for pdfs (Chris T)
* Fixed multiple repeat entries in chart of accounts drop down (Nick P, 812)
* Fixed transaction list empty if searched by creditor name (Nick P, 806)
* Fixed cash transfer enforces ticked 'FX' boxes (Nick P, 802)
* Fixed extra newline-related errors in tex template engine (Chris T)
* Added updated Hungarian charts of accounts (Pongracz Istvan, 813)
* Reopen books now works again (Chris T, 792)
* Added address line to ar/ap transaction and invoice screens (Chris T)
* Fixed draft review issues for Cash Transfer GL drafts (Chris T, 802)
* Added fx boxes for GL transactions (Chris T, required to fix 802)
* Fixed odd UI issues with voiding GL transactions (Chris T, 803)
* Fixed department dropdown not showing values (Chris T, 805)
* Fixed error causing Reconciliation.sql not to be loaded/reloaded (Chris T)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.3.31
* Removed spurious commit saving orders (Chris T)
* Removed check for reversing too many sales, since this poses problems
in corner cases with no good solutions (Chris T)
* R5680-1, (tentatively) fixes to shipping/invoice onhand numbers (Chris T)
* Fixed customer search showing sales rather than billing addresses (Chris T)
* Fixed parts descriptions not showing on inventory actibity report (Chris T)
* Fixed encoding issues when printing from the queue (Chris T, 3602073)
* Fixed spurious commit in Invoice Shipped (Chris T)
* Fixed handling of long notes/descriptions on GL (Chris T, 3603939)
* Fixed handling of translation strings in Contact Search (Chris T, 3604721)
* Fixed handling of spaces in debit/credit cols/gl (Chris T, 3607219)
* Fixed handling of invoice numbers on recurring (Chris T, 3602382)
* Fixed language code changes delayed (Chris T, 3607220)
* Fixed order by on reconciliation screen not working (Chris T, 3607223)
* Fixed country changes to companies not saving (Chris T, 3607437)
* Fixed customer search on address data (Chris T, 3607436)
Changelog for 1.3.30
* Documented behavior of Outstanding Summary report (Chris T, 3601314)
* Fix for translations showing multiple types (Chris T, 3601737)
* Updated gnome.css (Pongracz Istvan)
* Fixed vendor cash account link not respected in payment interface (Chris T)
* Fixed workflow for multiple address entry (Chris T, 3602111)
* Fixed print and save buttons on orders (Chris T, 3602071)
* Fixing history report blank when no fx (Chris T, 3602084)
* More CSS hooks (Chris T)
* Fixed DB API for reopening books (Chris T)
* Fixed menu-selected vendors and customers not working (Chris T)
* Fixed packing list not found in dropdown on invoices since 1.3 (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.3.29
* Added db routines for role backup and restore for shared hosting
environments (Chris T, 3598924, filed by Erik H)
* Added provision in Makefile to instantiate if not exist (Chris
T, 3599945)
* Fixed errors adding shipto on invoice screen (Chris T, 3599908)
* Fixed permission denied errors adding translations (Chris T, 3599943)
* Added version number to message at top of menu (Chris T, 3600009)
* Added wrapper div around pricegroup field in contact screen to allow cssp,
Chris T.
* Fixed inverted tax numbers in vendor taxable sales report (Chris T, 3600002)
* Fixed cash/receipt and payment screen calculating to pay wrong (Chris T,
* Fixed net-0 transactions not showing up on search (Chris T, 3600700)
* Fixed incorrect recommendation in Makefile.PL (Chris T, h.t Havard S and
Robert C)
* Fixed contact info addition workflow. Now entering multiple contact records
is not a total pain(Chris T)
* Fixed lines 2 and 3 not showing on address div for contacts (Chris T)
* Fixed credit limit not accounting for some payments (Chris T, 3600679)
* Payments tables in invoice/transaction screens can be referenced in CSS
(Chris T)
* Updated Hungarian translation (Pongracz Istvan)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Changelog for 1.3.28
* Added db list to when no db is entered and credentials allow login
to "postgres" db. (Chris T)
* Added copy db utility to for testing dbs (Chris T)
* Fixing is_zero errors on ar/ap transaction screens w/tax incldued (Chris T)
* Fixing csv ar transactions not showing taxes (Chris T, 3589640)
* Fixing demo quotations having descriptions taking too much space (Chris T)
* Moved to label/button system for deleting lines on invoices (Chris T)
* Fixing extra blank lines showing up on ar/ap trans screen on save (Chris T)
* Changing xetex demos to use Liberation font (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Better appearance of customer history report filter screen (Chris T)
* Fixed new Dynatable.tex not handling col ids with underscores (Chris T)
* Fixed admin passwd reset directing to showing new user screen (Chris T)
* Fixed admin passwd reset ineffective (Chris T, bug 3599803)
* Fixed stylesheet cannot be set on preferences screen (Chris T, 3599804)
* Moved Fixes.sql to top of LOADORDER to fix some upgrade issues (Chris T)
* Fixing handling of unknown browsers in logout (Chris T, 3599930)
* Fixed error generating invoice when mintax threshhold not met Chris T)
Changelog for 1.3.27
* Detect whether ledgersmb.conf exists during Makefile.PL run and create if
not (Chris T)
* Fixed clobbering the Apache configuration on
every run (Chris T, 3595000)
* Fixed error sorting recon search by account (Chris T, h/t Erik H, 3589473)
* Users are now migrated with nonsense passwords from 1,2 (Chris T, 3587257)
* Upgrade now handles new total column in jcitems properly (Chris T)
* Fixed, read input, change of file name from
ledgersmb-httpd.conf to ledgersmb-httpd.conf.template (Havard S)
* Update INSTALL - section "Adding configuration to Apache 2.x" (Havard S)
* Fixed bad targets of AP Aging and Tax Paid reports (Chris T, 3594694)
* By default, customer/vendor search orders by name (Chris T, 3596195)
* Fixed erroneous error in pod coverage test (Chris T)
* Updated LedgerSMB.pot, added script to rebuilt and merge to po's (Chris T)
-- includes item 3598644 filed by Havard S
* Fixed xgettext error in (Chris T)
* Fixed Default language ignored when emailing rfq (Chris T, 3588998)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.3.26
* Added db statistics post-upgrade and pre/post rebuild (Chris T, 3586113)
* Merged in fcgi support from addons (Chris T)
* Clarified UI for changing password vs settings (Chris T, 3588810)
* Fixed eca selection issues when creating invoices (Chris T, 3588301)
* Added demo templates with for invoices with attached images (Chris T)
* Fixed attached images not appearing in templates (Chris T)
* Fixed projects not attached to customers lost 1.2-1.3 (Chris T, h/t Ario)
* Fixed the rpm file to make a valid ledgersmb-httpd.conf (Havard S, 3593393)
* Dropped seconds/subsecs from password expiration notice (Chris T, 3593963)
* Fixed parts images not available from template. (Chris T, h/t Brian W)
* Fixed fs_cssdir not handling trailing / properly (Chris T, h/t Nigel T)
* Fixed file attachments not retrieving for all invoice parts (Chris T)
* fixed file attachements for invoices not handling _ properly (Chris T)
Brian W is Brian Wolf
Chris T is Chris Travers
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Nigel T is Nigel Titley
Changelog for 1.3.25
* Fixed internal server errors on LedgerSMB->error() during new() (Chris T)
* Fixed pricematrix rows not showing where pricegroups are used (Chris T)
* Fixed missing grant in some cases on cr_coa_to_account (Chris T)
* Fixed letterhead not showing up on emailed invoices (Chris T, h/t Kevin B)
* Fixed blank screen on posting AR/IS/OE via FCGI (Chris T)
* Fixed ECA's not distinct on parts screen and search (Chris T, 3550075)
* Fixed error saving imported user with no existing db role (Chris T, 3559844)
* Added ar-transation.csv and ap-transaction.csvn templates (Erik H)
* Fixed blank screen processing recurring transactiosn in fcgi (Chris T)
* Removed blank/unused Contact/Employee dropdown on shipping screen (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server errors retrieving taxes with invalid dates (Chris T)
* Fixed taxform "default reportable" checkbox not persisted (Chris T, 3581310)
* Fixed labelling of vendor column on taxform reports (Chris T, 3581317)
* Fixed terms of sales/purchase order not respected (Chris T, 3581337)
* Added Perl equivalent to (Chris T, 3551127)
* Fixed, test getopt version. (Havard S, 3551127)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Kevin B is Kevin Bailey
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.3.24
* Fixed error in msgid for "Add Language" (Havard S, h/t Robert C)
* Moved Makefile.PL to version_from to reduce errors (Chris T, h/t Robert C)
* Prompts added to (Berend T)
* Corrected image not showable on html invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed invoice date not printing on checks (Chris T, h/t Neil S)
* Changed INSTALL to do make test, not of make install (Chris T h/t Kevin B)
* Fixed framework for printing parts tumbnails in invoices (Chris T)
* Upgrade now handles nulls in model field of makemodel (Chris T)
* Fixed issue with comment in account.sql (Chris T)
* Removed unused Subcontractor GIFI field (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Changed upgrade screen to pull AR/AP numbers (Erik H)
* Rebuild modules after upgrade, ensuring upgrade to latest version (Chris T)
* Fixed credit limit usage calculations (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Fixes to get LedgerSMB running clearly using FCGI (Chris T)
* Fixed unapproved transactions showing up on aging reports (Chris T)
* Fixed new window menu item not showing up (Erik H)
* Fixed alignment issue on Contact screen on Chrome (Chris T)
* Fixed cannot reconcile account with negative balance(Havard S, Erik H, h/t Nick P,3586757)
* Documented cache_templates option in ledgersmb.conf (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error on plack with backups (Chris T)
* Added add user button to when LedgerSMB 1.3 db detected (Chris T)
* Backup buttons do not show when no db found (Chris T)
Berend T is Berend Tober
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Kevin B is Kevin Bailey
Neil S is Neil Smith
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Nick P is Nick Prater
Changelog for 1.3.23
* Fixed query string/stdin handling where both stdin and query string are set
* Moved http error framework to use header methods (Chris T)
* Fixed warning about incorrect method for ar/ap transactions (Chris T)
* Fixed fatal gettext errors in ar_EG, fi, nb po's (Havard S)
* Fixed prices being selected on RFQ (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Fixed discount wrong after multiple parts selection (Chris T, h/T Istvan P)
* Fixed action not found on redirect (Chris T, h/t Brian W)
* Fixed issues upgrading from 1.2 if email and bcc are filled in (Chris T)
* Fixed error exporting aging to csv (Havard S, h/t Nick P, 3559403)
* Fixed receipt reversal screen erroring (Chris T, h/t Nick P)
* Fixed select all button causing error on aging rpt (Chris T)
* Fixed query err when generating sales orders from time cards (Erik H, 3559621)
* Fixed backup does not test for failure (Havard S, h/t Nick P, 3574876)
* now only gives user mgmt rights (Berend T)
* Fixed end date, etc not showing on summary list, (Chris T, 3556279)
Berend T is Berend Tober
Chris T is Chris Travers
Havard S is Havard Sorli
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Istvan P is Istvan Pongracz
Brian W is Brian Wolf
Nick P is Nick Prater
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.22
* Fixed error when trying to save multiple make/models for a part (Chris T)
* Better error handling when date is entered into statement balance (Chris T)
* Added pricegroup selection back to entity credit account (Chris T, 3550056)
* Fix for slow performance with Form->all_years (Chris T, h/t Neil S)[1]
* Revamped database load test cases (Chris T)
* Fixed error on some screens with function not found (Chris T)
* Fixed some test case errors due to tests written against older API (Chris T)
* Fixed error: parts search not loading into the db pn Pg 9.1 only (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Neil S is Neil Smith
[1]: Problem found on database with approx 200k records spanning a number of
years. The current approach will do a sequential scan of acc_trans per year
found if no index is there. Adding the index is required to get this to
perform reasonably well.
Changelog for 1.3.21
* Added a default numberformat in (Chris T)
* Added a container div for theming saved and/or posted docs (Chris T)
* Fixed an is_zero error saving purchase transactions (Nick P)
* Fixed shipping selection not displaying customer info (Chris T, 3543932)
* Fixed shipping redirection not displaying orders (Chris T, h/t Nigel T)
* Recon screen now groups journal entries by transaction (Chris T, h/t Nick P)
* Fixed empty string working as empty source for cash recon (Chris T)
* Saving a part now returns to editing the same part (Chris T, h/t Brian W)
* If is not found, now returns an intelligible error (Chris T)
* Adding action/id div to top of many screens (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* File->get_for_template now gets most recent parts image (Chris T)
* Fixed error on generate purchase orders (Chris T, 3544857, h/t Nigel T)
* Fixed internal server errors with date parsing (Chris T, 3546698)
* Fixed "Directory Transversal Not Allowed w/fs_cssdir (Chris T, h/t Robert C)
* Fixed customer/vendor cleared on ship/receive update (Chris T, 3548104)
* SECURITY FIX for System/Defaults denial of service advisory (Chris T)
* Added missing ap_transaction_all role (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Fixed internal server error setting up user in (Chris T)
* Performance fix for templates and format detection (Chris T)
Brian W is Brian Wolf
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
Nigel T is Nigel Titley
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.20
* Fixes for es_AR translation, duplicate keys removed (Andres B)
* Demo templates provide better handling of paragraph breaks in notes (Chris T)
* Fixed menu anomilies due to menu grants on sub-menus (Chris T)
* Fixed unable to change order or delete it (Chris T, 3535856)
* Fixed invalid syntax for integer on saving employee (Chris T)
* Cleaned up dates lines on employee screen (Chris T)
* Added access to parts.image for ar invoice, order, quote templates (Chris T)
* Fixed error on redirect from attaching file to part (Chris T h/t Brian W)
* Fixed inability to look up vendor by ECA with discounts (Erik H h/t Matt B)
* Removed broken cash-basis reports (Chris T, h/t Jigme D
* Backporting LedgerSMB::App_State to make other backports easier (Chris T)
* Fixed Customer/Vendor search results unsorted (Chris T, h/t lbm, 3537592)
* Income Statement/Balance sheet now pass through date ranges (Chris T)
Andres B is Andres Basile
Brian W is Brian Wolf
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Jigme D is JigmeDatse
lbm is Louis Moore
Matt B is Matthew Bourque
Changelog for 1.3.19
* New link for customer/vendor when not a dropdown (Chris T)
* Removed file debugging code from (Chris T)
* fixed can void voids. (Chris T, h/t Erik Huelsmann, item 3515561)
* Fixed error on taxable sales report (Chris T, 3531784 h/t Nigel T)
* Added missing localization calls to recon approval workflow (Chris T)
* Clarified recon approval workflow (Chris T)
* Fixed error editing non-existent localized template (Chris T, 3531738)
* Fixed show/hide logic on nav bar on Contacts screen (Chris T)
* Fixed "Post as Shown" button not showing properly on AR/AP drafts (Chris T)
* Added fs_cssdir config option for easier packaging (Chris T, h/t Robert C)
* Fixed discarded input/bad label on 1.2 upgrade screen (Chris T, h/t Robert C)
* Fixed encoding of attachment retrieval (Chris T h/t Erik H)
* Fixed missing grant on partsvendor_entry_id_seq (Chris T, h/t Brian W)
* Fixed voiding invoice duplicates payment (Chris T h/t John L)
* Fixed CSV exports not having any data (Chris T h/t Erik H)
Brian W is Brian Wolf
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nigel T is Nigel Titley
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.18
* Fixed missing template for CSV pricelists (Chris T)
* Added ODS pricelists (Chris T)
* Better CSV escaping (Chris T, h/t Erik H)
* Fixed menu errors preventing quote/rfq template editing (Chris T, 3524793)
* Fixed customer email not showing emailing statements (Chris T and Erik H)
* Approved recon reports no longer show invalid balance info (Chris T,3518283)
* CSS directory is now configurable (Chris T, 3516730, h/t Robert C)
* Corrected cannot delete accounts (Chris T, 3529383, h/t David M)
* Fixed ODS output broken due to missing export (Chris T)
* Fixed button disable inverted (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error on requirements report (Chris T, h/t Nigel T)
* Fixed formatting issues with long dates and ISO db dates (Chris T 3525843)
* Removing XLS support which has been broken for some time (Chris T)
* Fixes for slow menu performance on menu (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David M is David Mora
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nigel T is Nigel Titley
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.17
* Address now shows on ECA selection screen (Erik H)
* Taxes::Simple now respects min/max values based on subtotal (Chris T)
* Fixed company name/address missing from income statement (Chris T, h/t Mark L)
* Fixed company name/address missing from balance sheet (Chris T, h/t Mark L)
* Optional image retrieval with size detection for latex templates (Chris T)
* Added option to attach images to LaTeX PDF invoices/orders/etc (Chris T)
* Corrected one is_zero error with latest Math::BigInt (Chris T)
* Fixed file uploads sometimes hanging (Chris T)
* Fixed file uploads sometimes throwing action not found errors (Chris T)
* Fixed helpful DB error messages not displayed (Chris T)
* Fixing so that max_post_size = -1 behaves as in CGI::Simple (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server error on tax lookup (Chris T)
* Better error message on db version error (Herman V)
* Fixed parsing error in xedemo bin_list.tex (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendiels
Mark L is Matt Lubratt
Changelog for 1.3.16
* Changes in <head> element for non-Latin characters, HTML invoices (Erik H)
* Corrected untranslated string in Contact management screen (Chris T)
* Corrected permissions issue creating pricelist (Chris T, 3513861)
* Correcting ordering of aging reports so currencies are clustered (Chris T)
* Fixed curr totals not showing for aging rpts (Chris T, 3512591, h/t John L)
* Fixed new user screen not respecting default country (Chris T, 3513760)
* Fixed hash(...) in HTML payment receipt (Chris T, 3515924, h/t Michael R)
* Fixed errors about Concat() not found on Pg 8.4 (Erik H)
* Fixed can't edit templates with absolute templates path (Chris T 3516725)
* Added API for minimum value for taxes for local tax modules (Chris T)
* Added API (but not UI) for tax max value (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
John L is John Locke
Michael R is Michael Richardson
Changelog for 1.3.15
* Update WX POS (almost there) - readme and code (Andres B, item 3516949)
* Adding Perl-based database-setup and teardown scripts (Chris B)
* Corrected build issues w/Makefile due to inclusion of (Chris T)
* ledgersmb.conf.default : Update default PATH (H Sorli, item 3430019)
* Fixed imballanced payments when early payment discount processed (Chris T)
* Pricelists exportable as PDF and CSV (Chris T)
* Fixed payment/receipts shows with 0 due/payment list (Erik H, bug 3512555)
* Correct POD spelling error in LedgerSMB/ (Robert C, bug 3472015)
* Fixed Reconciliation.sql not loading (Erik H)
Andres B is Andres Basile
Chris B is Chris Bennet
Chris T is Chris Travers
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.14
* Argentina (Spanish) translation and charts of accounts added. (Andres B)
* Fixed errors saving when duedate is blank, bug 3503463 (Chris T)
* Corrected editing pos_invoice.txt whitelisting in front-end (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous directory transversal denial (Chris T, bug 3504924)
* Added recon data to Norwegian chart of accounts (h/t H. Sorli) (Chris T)
* Fixed some menu items disappearing after upgrade (Chris T, bug 3504934)
* Added default to country for initial setup (Chris T, bug 3496967)
* Added recon data to COA files for a few extra locales (Chris T bug 3505102)
* Clarified error message when contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Corrected warnings for missin glog initalization (Andres B)
* XLS and ODS buttons are now disabled if prereqs are missing (Erik H)
* Experimental support for migrating from SQL-Ledger via (Chris T)
* Fixed POD issues with (h/t Robert C) (Chris T item 3472648)
* Fixed means of adding parts/editing pricelist missing (Chris T, bug 3442163)
* Fixed unknown db detected as SQL-Ledger (Chris T, bug 3510039)
* Fixed pos ignores pd_proto and always connects tcp (Chris T, bug 3458112)
* Error now displayed when currencies are not defined (Chris T, bug 3509555)
* Fixed "no obvious way to select credit account" (Chris T, bug 3510564)
* Added code to unlink backup files after sent (Chris T)
* Added Gnome css (Andres B)
* Update doc; UPGRADE & README.sql-ledger (h/t Chris T & Erik H) (H Sorli)
* Change logo to "new" design - rename old logo (H Sorli, item 3435532)
* POD corrections to correct for POD style guidelines (Robert C)
Andres B is Andres Basile
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.13
* Reduced log messages when upgrading/creating db, for some log levels (Chris T)
* Changed db setup not to use createdb for simple admin of pg_hba.conf (Chris T)
* Corrected type = 'password' not handled properly in elements.html (Chris T)
* Non-billable information now retained in db for timecards (Chris T)
* Corrected character encoding/corruption issue with backup scripts (Chris T)
* Changes in the single payment UI to minimize mouse movements (Erik H)
* Adding link to employee edit screen from user page (h/t H Sorli) (Chris T)
* Fixed: Can't designate managers (Chris T, bug 3486840)
* Can now skip adding the chart of accounts (Erik H)
* Fixed: can't reconcile accounts in foreign currency (bug 3498036)(Chris T)
* Fixed: Recon not setup for cash accounts in default COA (Erik H and Chris T)
* Corrected minor issue with demo sales quotation template (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.3.12
* Corrected processing of <?lsmb tags in order/invoice numbers (Chris T)
* Corrected handling of accounts in dropdowns where () are present (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous log messages from debugging 1.3.11 (Chris T)
* Autocomplete ajaxselect now work (degraded) without Javascript (Chris T)
* Autocomplete ajaxselect now accept full entry without waiting (Chris T)
* Inlined add_custom_field's argument names for autodocumentation (Chris T)
* Updated add_custom_field to run on PostgreSQL 9.0 (Chris T)
* Updated dists/rpm/ to support RHEL 5 (Hilton D)
* Corrected stylesheet not set on error pages (Chris T)
* Tightened up permissions on menu items and employee management (Chris T)
* Corrected permissions on fixed asset depreciation workflow/menu (Chris T)
* Corrected Perl issues on _db_init when custom fields defined, 5.12 (Chris T)
* Adding missing permissions for editing parts (Chris T)
* Clarified string for vendor's part number in parts screen (Frans S)
* Recon checkbox now is set properly (Chris T)
* Corrected missing "search assets" menu item (Chris T)
* Net Book Value report now shows undepreciated assets (Chris T)
* Permissions fixes to fixed asset module (Chris T)
* Corrected NULL being saved in method for asset class (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitch on saving asset class (Chris T)
* Updated Slony setup scripts (Chris T)
Hilton D is Hilton Day
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.11
* Fixed outstanding report for payment reversal and partial payments (Chris T)
* Fixed handling of non-existing roles in menu grants (Chris T)
* Added reverse_bank_recs setting for those that want to
do recs from bank perspective (Chris T)
* Added "bank register mode" for account transaction lists (Chris T)
* Fixed join projection issue in draft search routine (Chris T)
* Fixed for Pg 9.1 (Erik H)
* Fixed Customer/vendor selection for dropdowns (Chris T)
* Fixed some HASH() entries in CSV templates (Chris T)
* Removed unnecessary shebang lines in scripts/* files (Robert C)
* Fixed GL recurring transaction not posting (Chris T)
* Improved error handling when extensions/contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Fixed multicurrency handling in bulk payment interface (Chris T and Erik H)
* Corrected a number of number parsing/i18n issues (Herman V)
* Corrected pos_cashier inadequate permissions (Chris T)
* Corrected templates directive not handled properly (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.10
* Fixes for permissions for exchangerate table (Erik H)
* Fixes for POS cashier permissions. (Chris T)
* More Localization Fixes (Herman V)
* Customer/Vendor Search now shows records without credit accounts (Herman V)
* Better error handling contrib modules not found (Chris T)
* no longer overwritten on upgrade (Chris T)
* Fixed multi-currency single payment handling (Erik H / Chris T)
* Fixed "New Window" not working (Erik H)
* Fixed Pg 9.1 detection in (Chris T and Pongracz I)
* Fixed SQL error loading Utils.sql (Michael R)
* Updated docs on foreign exchange settings (Erik H)
* Fixed forex settings not saving on defaults screen (Chris T)
* Formatted paid amount for payment screen (Herman V)
* Fixed help message on (Michael R)
* Fixed links on payment report (Erik H)
* Added more forex documentation (Erik H)
* Fixed UK chart of accounts VAT accounts (Erik H)
* Fixed issues involving employee_id references (Erik H)
* Fixed shipto menu (Erik H)
* Fixed wrong orders showing up on ship/receive (Erik H)
* Fixed Makefile.PL version info (Chris T)
* Fixed HTML attribute quoting (John L and Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
John L is John Locke
Michael R is Michael Richardson
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.9
* More logging enhancements (Herman V)
* Translation fixes in tax form reports (Chris T)
* Added accidently omitted 1099 forms (Chris T)
* Fixed formatting issue in sales_quotation.tex (Chris T)
* Better localization handling on logout (Herman V)
* Better handling of successive logouts (Herman V)
* Correcting some erroneous errors on db setup (Herman V)
* Corrected error message in old handler (Herman V)
* Reduced warnings in logs (Herman V and Chris T)
* Corrected "Not a CODE reference" in payment processing (Herman V)
* Corrected year/month not working on payment dropdowns (Herman V)
* Can now be installed via RPM. (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for 1.3.8:
* Fixed duplicate key error saving taxes (Herman V)
* Fixed not null violation when inserting bank acct w/o bic (Chris T)
* Corrected fkey violation when attaching file to order (Chris T)
* Moved language input on customer/vendor form for better display (Chris T)
* Corrected binmode handling on templates (Herman V and Chris T)
* File.sql now loads transactionally (Chris T)
* OE no longer requires type input for editing orders/quotations (Chris T)
* Fixed "no such file or directory found" error when logging db tasks (David B)
* Logging improvements (Herman V)
* Fixed company fax being printed under shipto (Herman V)
* Fixed "File does not exist... [object HTMLButtonElement]" js error (Herman V)
* Fixed timecard template headers not showing company name, etc (Chris T)
* Fixed part account mappings broken after upgrade from 1.2 (Chris T)
* Fixed quotation number increasing when saving existing quotation (Chris T)
* Fixed invalid from address on backup routine (Chris T)
* Fixed error "ERROR: lower bound of FOR loop cannot be null" (Chris T)
* Updated documentation regarding retaining old migrated data (Herman V)
* Fixed duplicate sessions created on login (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.7 (Categorized due to length)
* Added foreign key of entity_credit_account.language_code (Herman V)
* Corrected permissions issue for editing assembly (Chris T)
Code and Administration
* Exposed LedgerSMB::Sysconfig::tempdir to configuration file (Herman V)
* Fixed invoice tempfiles never being cleaned up (Herman V)
* Fixed warnings during tests (Herman V)
* Backup functionality moved to database administration interface (Chris T)
* Whitespace adjustment in Pg-database (Herman V)
* New form unsets $form->{header} to avoid lack of headers (Herman V)
User Interface
* Fixed pricelist button (customer/vendor) producing error (Chris T)
* Fixed date error when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected 'Invalid Year-end filter' when exporting trial balance (Chris T)
* Correcting errors attaching and retriving URL attachments (Chris T)
* Correcting parse errors in pos_template.txt (Chris T)
* Database administration interface more consistent (Chris T)
* Corrected Action not defined error on asset import (Chris T)
* Default language handling for invoices (Herman V)
* Fixed LaTeX errors in timecard templates (Chris T)
* Fixed error when batch printing timecards (Erik H)
* Fixed menu reversal with batch printing (Erik H)
* Removed broken edit buttons on bank account tab of contacts form (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitches involving adding employee contact info (Chris T)
* Corrected missing translation call in contact template (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitch when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected double escaping bug in balance sheet template (Erik H)
* Corrected filtering of customers/vendors on AR/AP screens (Chris T)
* Added logged in username to setup utility confirm operation screen (Chris T)
* Corrected sales tax issue for sales/purchase orders (Herman V)
* Allow log-level to be set from config file (Herman V)
* Correcting history.css not found (Chris T)
* Reduced warnings in logs (Chris T)
* Logging enhancements (Herman V)
* Corrected error regarding css file not found (Erik H)
* Corrected global.css not found error (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.6
* Including xelatex templates under directory templates/xedemo (Chris T)
* Fix for company name in order entry (David B)
* Corrected UI dropdown box issue on ar/ap transaction screen (Herman V)
* Corrected minor workflow issues on AR/AP transactions (Herman V)
* Corrected permissions for users creating employee records (Chris T)
* Corrected error when trying to save employee location as new (Chris T)
* Corrected save as new overwriting existing for vendors/customers (Chris T)
* Logging improvements (Herman V)
* Fixed SQL errors in Goods and Services/All Items report (David B)
* Corrected issue saving country in contact.html (Pongracz I)
* Corrected permission denied to partsgroup_id_seq (Chris T)
* Corrected discount_terms not being displayed after saving (Chris T)
* Corrected language drop-down missing from email form (Chris T)
* Customer search result label correction (Herman V)
* Company name can now be prepopulated on login screen (Chris T)
* Corrected SQL error in (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.5
* Fixing Menu and Permissions bug 3430820 (Chris T)
* Fixing permissions bug 3433644 (Chris T)
* Fixing file not found printing HTML invoice (Chris T)
* Corrected join issues in generating sales orders (Erik H)
* Removed commits in child subroutines (Herman V)
* Correcting warnings about HOME not set (Chris T)
* Corrected debian-specific db creation issue (Pongracz I)
* Corrected company name representation in timecard->sales order (Chris T)
* Better error handling when currency not set (Chris T)
* Exposed adding currency for customer/vendor to UI (Chris T)
* Corrected POS roles as per bug 3434549 (Chris T)
* Updated manual per ticket 3435124 (Chris T)
* Removed intermediate LaTeX files (Erik H)
* Fixed error: css/scripts/create_batch.css not found (Erik H)
* Translation string updates Herman V)
* Additional upgrade checks added (Herman V)
* Better whitespace handling in upgrade scripts (from 1.2) (Herman V)
* Translation string fixes for Payment workflow (Herman V)
* Fixed UTF8 chars broken in printed HTML invoices (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.4
* Corrected case matching error in upgrade script (Chris T)
* Corrected version number on new databases (Chris T)
* Corrected multiple load errors on upgrade (David B)
* Corrected problem creating UTF-8 database on Debian (David B)
* Corrected display issues with numbers (Herman V)
* Updated Ubuntu notes (Frans S)
* Corrected a couple of menu items (David B)
* Added 1.3-1.2 downgrade script to recover from failed upgrades (Chris T)
* Corrected ship/receive bug due to invalid join conditions (Chris T)
* Corrected template error in printPayment.html (Herman V)
* now provides instructions to use to correct database
versioning errors (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.3
* Fix for being unable to delete AR/AP drafts (Herman V)
* Additional button cleanup (Herman V)
* Fix for is_zero issue with latest Math::BigFloat in AR/AP trans (Chris T)
* Fix for inability to save employee country (Chris T)
* API inconsistency fixed (Chris T)
* Fix for translation string standardization (Herman V)
* Fix for AP posting issue with 1.000,00 number format (Herman V)
* More number format fixes (Herman V)
* Database upgrade within 1.3 now possible from (Chris T)
* Corrected Norwegian tax rates (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Erik H is Erik Huelsman
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.2
* Fixed a few files where suExec fixes were not applied (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous buttons marked "Save and Post" showing up (Chris T)
* Corrected test cases so they do not fail w/o optional LaTeX mods (Chris T)
* Made errors saving chart of accounts entry more friendly (Chris T)
* Fixed permissions issue involving yearend (Chris T)
* Fixed filename issue in (Chris T)
* Fixed stylesheet/salutations display issue in user editing screen (Chris T)
* Correcting LedgerSMB.pot (bug reported by Herman V) (Chris T)
* Documented parameterized translation syntax for .po files (Herman V)
* Added en_GB and en_US to language table for new installations (Chris T)
* Added check for system configuration before tests begin (Chris T)
* Clarified password reset interface for user management (Chris T)
* Added notes on installing on Ubuntu 11.10 (Frans S)
* Correcting some issues with Perl 5.12 and Math::BigInt (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.1
* Language selection for invoice templates fixed (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on project search (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on timecard entry (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on timecard searches (Chris T)
* String standardization in employee/user management (Herman V)
* Fixed Employee record duplicted on save (Herman V)
* Fixed upgrade script not bringing in for employees (Chris T)
* Fixed upgrade script error importing duplicate customer/vendor numbers
(Chris T)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.0
* Security is now robustly enforced on the db level (Chris T and Josh D)
* New user interface to manage users (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Framework in place, used to prevent XSRF attacks (Chris T)
Separation of Duties:
* Separate permissions for entry and posting to the books.
* Voucher/Batch system (Chris T)
* Draft system for unapproved transactions (Chris T)
* Reconciliation is now subject to separation of duties (Chris T and Aurynn)
End of Year:
* Close books and end of year transactions at once (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Cannot close books where unapproved transactions are before yearend(Chris T)
* Yearend/closed books now creates balance checkpoints for better performance
(Chris T and Aurynn)
* The prohibition against entering transactions into closed period enforced
on a database level.
General Ledger/Journal:
* GL reports filter by account (Chris T)
* GL reports account is ajax-style autocomplete (John W)
* Journal Entry screen now uses AJAX-style autocomplete for accounts (Chris T)
* GL reference now populated by default in the initial screen (Chris T).
* Files can be attached to financial transactions (Chris T)
* Files can be attached to AR/AP transactions (Chris T)
* Project numbers can be displayed on AR/AP transactions report (Chris T)
* Reconciliation is on new codebase!
* Redesigned workflow (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Optimized for high volumes (1000 transactions or more per run, Chris T)
* Plug in model for bank import scripts (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Payments are on new codebase!
* Redesigned bulk payment workflow/UI (Chris T)
* Bulk payment optimizations for high volumes (5000 invoices per run, Chris T)
* Redesigned single payment workfow/UI (David M)
Contact Handling:
* Contacts are now on new code base!
* Customers/Vendors Now Can Be Tracked Together (Josh D, Chris T, Aurynn)
* Multiple addresses and contact info stored per account (Josh D and Chris T)
* Multiple read-only notes per account (Josh D, Chris T, and Lacey P)
* Multiple bank accounts per customer/vendor account (Josh D and Chris T)
* Track 1099 or equiv. forms for customers/vendors (Chris T and John W)
* Can now set sales tax amounts and rates per invoice if necessary (Chris T).
* Files can be attached to invoices (Chris T)
* Invoices can be placed on hold (Chris T)
Fixed Assets:
* New Feature!
* Group assets into classes to depreciate together (Chris T)
* Depreciate assets using straight-line depreciation (Chris T)
* Plugin model for time- or production-based depreciation methods (Chris T)
* Dispose of assets --- full and partial disposal supported (Chris T)
* Net Book Value Report (Chris T)
* New API structure for new code (Entire Team)
* Better error handling/display (Jason and Chris T)
* Errors logged to httpd error log (Chris T)
* Cleaned up file structure for charts of accounts (Chris T)
* New UI and template system using TT (Seneca)
* deprecated. New Object Oriented and data-driven model (Chris T)
* Added ledgersmb-smallgray.css (Jeff K)
* Stored procedure-based ORM for data model encapsulation in db (Chris T)
* Many small forms moved to templates (Seneca)
* Greatly expanded test cases (Chris T and Seneca)
* Timecard lists project descriptions as well as numbers (Chris T)
* Invoices can now be put on hold (Aurynn)
* New CLI database creation routines (Jeff K)
* New web-based db creation routines (Sadashiva A)
* Redesigned database schema for contacts (Josh D)
* Redesigned database schema for chart of accounts (Chris T)
* Redesigned database schema for reconciliation (Aurynn and Chris T)
* Redesigned database schema for payments (David M)
Changelog for 1.2 Series
Released 2007-04-04
Currently supported, through at least 2012-03-01
Changelog for 1.2.27
* Corrected an issue with redirects (Turtle)
Changelog for 1.2.26
* Corrected is_zero errors updating ar/ap transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected is_zero errors printing invoices (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.25
* Corrected sql injection issue (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.24
* Corrected (non-exploitable) SQL injection issue in custom field management
stored procs. Chris T
* Corrected issues running LedgerSMB with SuExec. (Matt S Trout)
* Corrected filenamme bug in batch printing module (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.23
* Fix for sales tax incorrect on sales/purchase order screen
* fix for unreadable characters in HTML templates in some charsets.
* Correcting backup name on backup by email
Changelog for 1.2.22
* Corrected error for cases where no buttons occur on GL Journal Entry screen
(Chris T)
* Corrected a number of warnings for Perl 5.12 (Chris T and Jeff K)
* Corrected a number of UI issues with HST migtation (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous test case failures due to erroneous order of regexp's in
test cases (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.21
* Corrected a number of templates with HTML issues (Luke)
* AR/AP Aging Report fixed, ignores payment after report date (Chris T)
* Minor documentation updates (Chris T)
* Fixed bug saving SIC (Adam T)
Changelog for 1.2.20
* Commented out credits in ledgersmb-blue.css
* Corrected encoding in Latvian chart of accounts (Janeks)
* Minor fixes to release notes (SF User akaihola)
* Exchange rate fix (SF User Anarcat)
* Fixed whitespace handling in when saving permissions (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.19
* Fixed short sales with never-closed books (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous tax rounding in POS screen (Chris T)
* Fixed XSRF vulnerability that allows changing user's password (Chris T)
* Corrected SQL Injection vulnerability in customer/vendor handling (Chris T)
* Cookie now sets SECURE flag when on HTTPS (Chris T)
* Corrected an issue with URL escaping (M Lubratt)
* Corrected an issue with email id's (Michael Richardson)
Changelog for 1.2.18
* Corrected httpd configuration bit. (Roderick Anderson)
* COGS fix for return handling (Sadashiva and Chris T)
* Cumulative tax handling fix for Quebec users (Jerome Oufella)
Changelog for 1.2.17
* Corrected "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" error (, 5.10.0, Chris T)
* Corrected order consolidation item notes replaced with qty (Chris T)
* Corrected "Access Denied" when deleting user (Sadashiva)
* Corrected defaults not saving properly when not already in db (Sadashiva)
* Corrected undefined dbh when generating sales orders (Sadashiva)
Changelog for 1.2.16
* Correcting "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" error on 5.10.0 (Chris T)
* Correcting "Access Denied" when searching for timecards (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.15
* Uppercasing some SQL statements (Chris T)
* Fixed for AR allocation corner case (Victor Q, 1881199)
* Fixed for warehouse transfer error (Jeffk, 1877860)
* Fixed error pulling transactions by department (Chris T, 1954974)
* Fixed UTF-8 encoding for Czech COA (Vladamir B, 1906081)
* Fixed upgrade script creating incorrectly named sequence (Chris T, 1987545)
* Corrected POS transactions report (JeffK and Chris T, 2025931)
* Added a max_post_size directive to the ledgersmb.conf (Chris M)
* Fixed Price Matrix logic (Chris T, 1897245)
* Fixed errors in the backported triggers for transaction table (Jeffk, 1928336)
* Corrected corner case on ar_ap_summary_fix_1.2.14.sql (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.14
* Build.PL now requires Test::Trap (Chris T, 1872529)
* Fixed double escaping of tex under some circumstances (Seneca)
* Added fix for bad summary information in AR/AP transactions (1800065,
1800069, Chris T)
* Fixed posting issue behind AR/AP transaction report anomilies (Chris T)
* Fixed taxes added twice when viewing existing transaction (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous discount lines in POS invoice (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.13
* Fixed all known implicit cast issues with PostgreSQL 8.3 (Chris T)
* Fixed Vendor Info Incorrectly Escaped in Check Printing Module(1844159,
Chris T)
* Fixed Serial numbers not preserved on order consolidation(1849585, Chris T)
* Adding fix for double-incrementing id sequence(Chris T)
* Fixed: DBD::Pg Error Searching for PO by description (1876963, Chris T)
* fixed syntax error in COMMENT ON INDEX statement (Seneca)
* Fixed the display of taxes with '%' in PDF invoices (Seneca)
* Fixed broken substitution in update_defaults (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.12
* Committed Tony Brummett's fix for last/avg costs updates (Chris T)
* Committing fix for error handling (1860699, Chris T)
* Some revisions in spec files (Chris M)
* Changed LICENSE directive in rpm to the more descriptive gpl v2+ (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1835463, cannot transfer to warehouses (Chris T)
* Adding fix for 1771834, inventory lost converting order to invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed 1812792, (discount box blank after part lookup (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1839776-- reposting sales invoice causes duplication.(Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.11
* Simplified obtaining years with transactions (Chris T)
* Fixed dataset creation (Chris T)
* Tax display fixes for AR/AP transactions (Chris T, 1794077, 1790768)
* Fixed encoding errors in numeral to text conversion (Seneca)
* Fixed the displayed number format for AP invoice taxes (Seneca)
* Fixed the selection of taxes when validto is involved (Seneca, anarcat's
addition to 1818792)
Changelog for 1.2.10
* Fixed bug 1765161, post button duplicates invoices.(Chris T)
* Adding a minor fixes to COGS edge cases for reversed invoices. (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1811022. Closedto date problems (Seneca)
* Fixing error on parts cost display, bug 1811470 (Chris T)
* fixed oversight with required_debs.txt name (Joshua D)
* Removing stray quote from button label, bug 1814444 (Seneca)
* Increasing min DBI version (Seneca)
* Apply db_parse_numeric to the correct hashref, fixes 1815081(Seneca)
* Fixed 1815075, Subject of email improperly encoded) (Seneca)
* Set template file output to UTF8 (Seneca)
* Body encoding fixes (Seneca)
* Fixing message-id setting (Seneca)
* Drawer opening now uses correct printer designation (Chris T)
* Change issued is now entered with correct memo field. (Chris T)
* Closing tell report works as advertised (Chris T)
* Fixed 1814437, Multiple paths set causing errors (Seneca)
* Add the ampersand to the HTML escape list for parse_template (Seneca)
* fixed 1815329, $ not escaped properly for LaTeX (Seneca)
* updated Hungarian translation from Pongrácz István (patch 1814156, Seneca)
* Properly handle invoice-type quantities from customer search (Seneca)
* Correcting improper redirect when reposting POS invoices.(Chris T)
* Fixing issues relating to database queries and POS-module redirects (Seneca)
* Fixing bug which hides discount input in POS screen. (Chris T)
* Fixing bug: Obsolete items show on short parts report(Chris T)
* Fixed bugs handling floats as numbers from the database (Seneca)
* Fixing POS screen opening drawer when print/post triggers update (Chris T)
* Add missing $parts_id to query in add_items_required (Seneca)
* Fix purchase order generation screen display (Seneca)
* Shift the extraction of invnumber down a few lines (fixes 1820572, Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831246, doubleparsing in (Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831410, double parsing in recurring transactions (Seneca)
* Fixed bug 1820698, DBI error: value too long (Seneca)
* Adding db fix script for 1819483 (Chris T)
* Removing duplicate drawer open (Chris T)
* Adding db fix script for primary key in recurring table (Seneca)
* Fix for bug 1831402, session expired re: recurring emails (Seneca)
* More number formatting fixes (Seneca)
* Encoding fixes for the backup routines (Seneca)
Cangelog for 1.2.9
* Removed GNUisms from find arguments (Seneca)
* Corrected SQL errors in Belgium, and other COAs (Seneca, 1804712)
* Added COA load test script (Seneca)
* Rewritten COGS system (Chris T)
* Scoping issues fixed (Seneca, 1809384)
Changelog for 1.2.8
* Fix SQL errors saving customer price lists (Chris T, 1754172)
* Fixed AR/AP reversal issues (Victor S, 1752439, 1753358)
* Fixed various scoping errors (Chris T, 1703347, 1753360)
* Fixed: Timecards ignore price matrix (Chris T, 1754099)
* Fixed scoping issues in (Chris T, 1754576, 1754579, 1768678)
* Fixed bugs with reversing invoices (Victor S, 1756387, 1755928, 1755355)
* Cause the GL report amount boxes to respect number format (Chrish T, 1754976)
* Corrected cumulative tax display issues (Chris T, 1745757)
* Fixed the display of non-all GL and GIFI reports (Seneca, 1758251)
* Fixed SQL errors in project deletion (Seneca, 1760722)
* Fixed error that caused order to invoice conversion to fail (Seneca)
* Fixed SQL errors in customer search (Chris T, 1761615)
* Fixed SQL errors (Chris T)
* Correct display issues with number format '1.000,00' (Seneca)
* Prevent AR Transaction screen from calculating sales tax (Chris T)
* Populate quantities during purchase order generation (Chris T, 1750895)
* Fixing COGS posts to closed dates when books closed (Chris T, 1753372)
* Fix database errors in processing recurring actions (Seneca, 1773591)
* Keep the closedto date in a known form (Chris T, 1763928, 1755145)
* Fixed memo search bug (Seneca)
* Fixed minor bug in till account selection (Chris T)
* Fixed number formatting in the Inventory Activity report (Seneca)
* Fixed: Add new language error in 1.2.7 (Pongracz I, 1793331)
* Correct display issues with number format '1 000.00' (Seneca, 1795858)
* Fixed minor documentation errors (Seneca)
* Adding more NaN checks to transaction posting (Seneca, 1789169)
Changelog for 1.2.7
* Fixed user@company logins (Chris T)
* Fixed closed books detection (Chris T)
* Fixed AR/AP print and post endless loop (Chris T)
* Fixed subtotal not working on AR/AP Transaction Report (Seneca)
* Fixing incorrect tax account selection issues in POS screen (Chris T)
* Fixed: Titlebar does not show user info (Seneca)
* Fixing error searching for parts with sales invoice links (Chris T)
* Fixed a number of COGS bugs on invoice reversal (Victor S)
* Fixing bareword error with (Chris T)
* Fixing SQL error when creating assembly (Seneca)
* Fixing Template use check in user deletion (Seneca)
* Fixing bug partial transaction commit bug wrt invoices (Chris T)
* Fixed line items were dropped on order consolidation (Chris T)
* Correcting errors on transaction list after posting (Chris T)
* Updated ebuild files (Chris T)
* Backporting POD and tests for from trunk (Seneca)
* Fixing constraint issue deleting part (Chris T)
* fixing vendor taxes displaying improperly when printing PO (Seneca)
* Corrected security bypass in (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.6
* More date tests added (Seneca)
* Fixed customer_id error in AP transactions (Chris T)
* Added meta tags to set to utf-8 by default (Chris T)
* Fixed the alias inconsistancy for the ledgersmb-httpd.conf (Chris T).
* Fixed invalid html in (reported by Donna Robinson) (Chris T)
* Fixed error searching for customer by address (Chris T)
* Fixed error db error saving items with custom fields (Chris T)
* Fixed db error saving project with NULL customer id (Chris T)
* Improved upgrade_templates' tag handling (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.5
* Partsgroup handling corrected on POS and Sales invoice screens (Chris T)
* Closed books handling is corrected (Chris T)
* Corrected intermediate rounding issues involving sales tax (Chris T)
* Fixed FX issue with posting cash transfers (Chris T)
* Corrected multibyte handling in form generation (Seneca)
* Corrected NaN issues in invoice printing (Seneca)
* Corrected PO and order number searches not working (Chris T).
* Corrected Exchange Rate display issue (CHris T).
* Corrected number parsing issues with 1.000,00 formats (Chris T).
* Corrected a number of date handling issues and added tests (Seneca).
* Applied invoice performance patch from Ashley Gittins (Chris T)
* Applide performance improvements to lastname_used (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.4
* Fixed internal functions avgcost() and lastcost() to not use float (Joshua D)
* Fixed error posting vendor invoice with fraction costs. (Chris M)
* Fixed sales tax display issue on invoice/order entry screen (Chris T)
* Fixed inconsistant error when setting to recur 0 times (Chris T)
* Fixed Access Denied when sending email (CHris T)
* Added Makefile.PL as optional means of dependency checking (experimental, Chris T)
* Updated INSTALL file to use correct globaldbh syntax (Chris T)
* Updated UNGRADE file to recommend reading INSTALL first (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.3
* Corrected per-user locale selection (Seneca)
* Corrected partial commits for invoices and orders (Chris T)
* Corrected data types for invoice.qty and invoice.allocated in new dbs (CHris T)
* Corrected suffix error in 1.2.1 to use .sqlc for backups (Joshua D)
Changelog for 1.2.2
* Corrected sales tax display bug in order entry screen (Chris T)
* Corrected database update unable to connect (Seneca)
* Corrected login problems on 1.2.1
* Corrected INSTALL for [GlobalDBH] (Joshua Drake)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.2.1
* Modifed to correctly use globals from ledgersmb.conf (Joshua Drake)
* Simplified backup functions in (Joshua Drake)
* Corrected serious sales tax posting bug (Chris Travers)
* Corrected two sales tax display bugs (Chris Travers)
* Corrected not rewriting WORKING_DIR (Chris Travers)
* Corrected documentation about tax entry (Chris Travers)
* Corrected logos not printing on PDF/PS invoices (Chris Travers)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.2.0
* Added script to configure Slony replication (Chris Browne)
* Added defined primary keys to all tables (Chris T)
* Database upgrades now use psql (Chris T)
* Defaults table now uses a simple key->value system (Chris T)
* Merged Pg-tables, Pg-functions, and Pg-indeces into Pg-database (Chris T)
* Added whitelist of allowed directories to file editor (Seneca)
* Audited All Perl Modules for SQL Injection attacks (Chris T)
* Forced edited files to have whitelisted extensions and no .. strings (Chris T)
* Users are now stored in a separate database instead of fs. (Chris M)
* User database schema now included (Josh D)
* Moved localization files to standard codes (Seneca)
* Added cumulative tax support (Seneca)
* Translations now use Gettext (Seneca)
* Removed back-translation of function names for i18n (Seneca)
* Corrected parsing of numbers so that they are multi-run safe (Chris T)
* Added modular tax calculation support (no modules included yet) (Seneca)
* Added "1 000.00" number format (Chris T)
* Buttons are now localization-safe (Seneca)
Code Quality and API:
* Added logging module (Jason)
* Added session method abstraction (Chris T)
* Broke out price matrix calls into (Chris T)
* Added $form->callproc($procname, @args) returns @hashrefs (Chris T)
* Corrected rounding errors (Seneca)
* Code cleanup and template correction (Chris Murtagh)
* New template system (Chris T)
*,, and are aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Added LedgerSMB::Sysconfig for site-wide configuration (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::IC is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::PE is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Testing suite added (Seneca)
* Moved all database calls to $form->{dbh} (CHris T)
* Form->redirect no longer makes use of exec (Chris T)
* Added first version of rpm spec from Mads Kiilerich (Chris T)
* Added Gentoo ebuilds documentation and metadata (Jason R)
Point of Sale:
* Added experimental TrustCommerce credit card processing (Chris T)
* Merged most of the rest of the SL-POS interface (Chris T)
* POS register now goes from add invoice to add invoice. (Chris T)
* Added pole display and separate cash drawer open calls. (Chris T)
User Interface:
* Moved IS/IR/OE the lineitem column list to the LedgerSMB::Sysconfig Chris T)
* Invoice now has an Onhand column (Chris T)
* Added simple text import function for invoices received (PDT's) (Chris T)
* ledger-smb.conf is now an ini file (Seneca)
* Experimental scripting wrapper in utils/cli (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.1 Series
Released 2006-09-20
Unsupported due to major security oversights in inherited code corrected in
1.2 series
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.1.1
* Fixed problem with parts_short trigger not being created
* Fixed problem with custom fields functions not being created
* Pg driver is now checked by default.
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.1.0
* Added add_custom_field and drop_custom_field functions.
-- will be more integrated into API next version
* Added utility to partially recover from SQL-Ledger data corruption issues.
* Primary Key added to acc_trans table
* DB Updates now use one transaction per update file.
* FLOAT datatypes removed from database
* Protection against duplicate transaction id's.
* Added foreign key constraint to acc_trans.chart_id
* Database backups now use pg_dump
* Database creation routines now attempt to add plpgsql to the db if not there.
* Transaction reversal is now enforced by default
* One is required to change the admin password when it is blank (on first login etc).
* We now support adding custom automation into a
* use is now experimentally supported
* Disabled editing sub-assemblies in one area where it is unsafe.
* Utility included for near-real-time parts short email notifications.
* Fixed Lynx support
* Batch printing now available for checks
* Warnings are printed when check stub is truncated
* Sales Data Report added
* now dies if it cannot open the files with instructions on how to proceed manually
* Links between admin and login pages
* Experimental support for Windows printing
Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0p1
* Fixed directory transversal/arbitrary code execution vulnerability.
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.0 series
Released 2006-09-06
Unsupported for reasons of age and security flaws in inherited code
Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0
(Changes relative to the pre-fork SQL-Ledger 2.6.17)
* Corrected sessionid security hole allowing bypass of login to main application
* Corrected sessionid security hole allowing one to list logins and more.
* Changed acc_trans.amount to NUMERIC
* Tightened browser caching rules to prevent problems with back button.
* Added an open content manual to the main distribution.
* New logo.
* Began whitespace reformatting of main application.