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Updated Nov 17, 2019 has grown organically to what it is today. There's a growing need to create a better design, both in user interface as well as web protocol (services) and underlying code structure.

Remove dynatable-old infrastructure

Updated Nov 17, 2019

It's a long-standing desire to remove duplicate and deprecated code. Of those components, dynatable is closest to actual removal. Hence the project to track it.

Polish cash and payments

Updated Nov 17, 2019

There are many sides of the cash and payments UI, code and process that would benefit from polishing and/or improvement. This project collects all items related to that topic.

Multiple parts of the code base have work-arounds for the fact that there were no payment/payment_link records in the original code base. This project is about addressing that problem; making sure that all payment-related information gets recorded in payment+payment_links.

Complete fixed assets support

Updated Nov 17, 2019

This project collects the various issues that were created while working with the fixed assets module. Fixing these issues will greatly improve the user experience and functionality of the fixed assets module.

Financial Rewrite

Updated Jan 2, 2019

This project collects the tickets relating to the financial redesign of the database, middleware, and front-end relating to the ar/ap/gl transactions, invoices, payments, and so forth in the direction of 2.0

The project will begin in earnest once the multi currency branch is merged into master.

This project collects all items related to completion of inventory adjustment functionality

Full multi-currency support

Updated Oct 20, 2019

This project contains the steps that we consider to be required to get to a state that we consider "full multi-currency"

Web service framework design

Updated Dec 10, 2016

This project lists the steps to complete in order to realise an agreed-upon web service framework.

Realisation of such a framework is a prerequisite for further improvement of the UI and further encapsulating old code, leading to its deprecation.

Complete overpayment support

Updated Oct 20, 2019

This project lists all tickets and activities to be completed for overpayments to be fully integrated into the system.

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